A Not So Purrfect Murder (A Cotswold Cat Familiar Cozy Mystery Book 1) by D. Watts

A Not So Purrfect Murder (A Cotswold Cat Familiar Cozy Mystery Book 1) by D. Watts

Author:D. Watts [Watts , D.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2021-05-03T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter Sixteen

Lottie returned after a few minutes, so I took the opportunity to try and get some information. “Can I ask you something Lottie? Do you much about the Mercer brothers?

Lottie’s eyes rounded. “Why? What do you want with them?”

“Oh, nothing,” I lied. “I was just curious about the town and have heard bits and bobs from everyone.”

“Oh, I see. Okay, well, as you may have heard, thankfully they don’t live in Agnes, but they’ve been known to indulge in a lot of dodgy dealings. It’s sad, but I expect everywhere has a criminal underbelly. Even our little village of Agnes.” She adjusted her glasses. I noted that her red lips were still perfect despite her having been drinking coffee and eating sandwiches. “Poor Desmond has been building a case on them for months now but doesn’t have any hard evidence to prosecute them. They’re apparently very clever and know just how to cover their tracks.”

“They’re based in Lawnes right?”

“Yes, by the warehouses. I suppose they can conduct their dodgy business in that part. I know the police don’t frequent that area too often.” She sighed. “Lack of manpower to do anything and the brothers are known to be dangerous.”

I nodded. “If I visit, I’ll make sure to stay away from that part of Lawnes.”


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