Turning Point (Too Old To Die Book 5) by John Walker

Turning Point (Too Old To Die Book 5) by John Walker

Author:John Walker [Walker, John]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2022-08-15T16:00:00+00:00


Krayna allowed one of her assistants to show the humans to quarters aboard the station. She had a lot going on with the improved reactor and thrust output. They’d been observing the structural integrity, making sure all points remained solid. Thus far, the environmental shields kept them safe.

Her eyes burned. She hadn’t slept in eight shifts. Stimulants only went so far. Her stomach complained from the sheer amount she’d downed. If she wanted to continue to stay awake, she’d have to switch to injections. The medical personnel would certainly frown on it. She couldn’t think of a better option.

After the attack, Krayna suffered from anxiety, the kind that made her constantly nauseous. Those around her picked up on it no matter how hard she tried to maintain a strong front. Most of them knew her too well. Those who didn’t nursed enough empathy to sense the distress in the room.

Which meant no one operated a peak efficiency. She sent people to get rest, relieving them of duties whenever she could. Most of them did so reluctantly. They didn’t like leaving her to work. When they came in after their brief rest periods, her presence made them look visibly guilty.

Few of them looked her in the eye. It started to wear on her.

“Everyone,” Krayna called, “listen up. I know you’re all dedicated to the cause. I think it’s time we turn to the humans for some additional assistance.” A collective sigh of relief washed over the others. “I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to come to this decision. We’ve got some ambassadors aboard the station right now. I’ll speak to them.”

Maybe they can spare some technicians. We probably won’t even have to train them. Their engineers are the ones who pushed our propulsion so efficiently. When the structure made it to the planet, they’d owe their new allies a great deal. I hope our own forces don’t pull something stupid.

Krayna worried about the inevitable confrontation. She had a plan to cool everyone off enough to have a conversation. Conflict didn’t help anyone. Whether or not the military forces recognized that was another matter. One she had to establish right away if they wanted to survive.

A message came in from the medical bay. I am ordering your immediate downtime. I will not be issuing any additional stimulants. If you continue to take them, you risk death. What happens to us then? Please report to your quarters immediately so we can ensure you sleep for the next several hours.

Krayna laughed, whispering under her breath, “This came later than expected. I shouldn’t be surprised.” She typed back, letting them know she would comply. As soon as I receive some support. The ambassadors from the humans have arrived. I’d like to give them a task before I retire. Will that be okay?

An immediately reply came back. Do not take long. You might be the only reason this will work. Imagine what happens when our military arrives. If you’re out of commission, we will not have much of a chance to talk them down to prevent hostilities between them and the EDF.


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