The Dawn of a Nazi Moon: Book One by Douglas MacKinnon

The Dawn of a Nazi Moon: Book One by Douglas MacKinnon

Author:Douglas MacKinnon [MacKinnon, Douglas]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Fiction, Science Fiction, General, Alternative History, Alien Contact
ISBN: 9781682619155
Google: 18znDwAAQBAJ
Amazon: 1682619141
Publisher: Permuted Press
Published: 2020-07-27T23:00:00+00:00


Helmut Brandt, the forty-one-year-old chancellor of Germany, sat at his desk with his head buried in his hands and wept silently to himself.

As he did, tears and the mucus building up in his nose fell freely upon the top-secret report lying before him on the desk. A report that had been delivered minutes earlier by the head of the Bundesnachrichtendienst, his nation’s Federal Intelligence Service.

The report was dated May 10, 1945.

In the eighty-four years since the report was hastily typed out, its white pages had yellowed substantially within the still bright red binder of the Third Reich that held it.

Unfortunately for Chancellor Brandt, the mind-altering words contained within the report were all too easy to read…if not comprehend and process.

As the chancellor was just told by his intelligence chief, the report had been written in the final days of the war by an anonymous officer who hid in a storage closet from a mass execution at the Peenemünde rocket base and then escaped just before Russian troops overran the facility.

While it appeared the anonymous officer may have been a lower-ranking intelligence official, he was also one, as declared in the report, who felt Hitler was “a madman who was sabotaging the world for decades and even centuries to come, with time bombs he had strategically hidden.”

The report outlined “the most ambitious time bomb of all.” One that would allow the most fanatical followers of Hitler to not only flee the grasp—and justice—of anyone on Earth but give them the time needed to breed, flourish, and prepare…for revenge.

The report ended up in a box of hundreds of other documents that managed to elude discovery by the Russians and the Americans in the weeks and months following the end of the war.

The box was not opened again until 1949, during the first year of Chancellor Konrad Adenauer’s administration.

The box, and all in it, was sent directly to Adenauer’s chief of intelligence at the time. A man who then found the fantastical report buried within a box of other documents, read it, and instantly knew it to be true.

He had made a unilateral decision right on the spot. No one but himself and those who would follow him as the head of intelligence during the coming years and decades would ever see the report.

No one. Ever.

He very logically assumed—and literally paused to pray after reading the report—that no group could possibly survive such a crazy and hazardous journey. And if they did, they would soon die a horrible death upon that barren, airless, and hostile landscape.

With that assumption and prayer in mind, the report was passed along only to the next head of the Federal Intelligence Service. Each time, with but one line of instruction. That being that if “irrefutable proof ever emerged” that the assumption of failure was wrong and “the darkest of evil” ever known to humanity had reconstituted itself on that alien world, then the most top-secret report in the history of Germany should be immediately given to the nation’s current chancellor.


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