The Bloodbound Curse by Ariel Brouillette

The Bloodbound Curse by Ariel Brouillette

Author:Ariel Brouillette [Brouillette, Ariel]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: anonymous
Published: 2024-01-30T00:00:00+00:00

Piper woke up cold and naked. The sheets had fallen to the floor sometime during the night. Her hand searched for Liam but found only emptiness next to her. She sat up and peered around, confirming he was nowhere to be found.

She got up and put on an oversized T-shirt. The time she had spent with Liam had made her feel like maybe she could be a person again. Maybe it would be okay . . . maybe. But now he was gone, and the distance was too much. She tugged on the bond they shared and let it guide her.

She had ventured into the forest, her steps guided by curiosity and desperation.

There, amidst the shadows and moonlight, Piper’s breath caught in her throat as she saw Liam transformed. Half-human, half-wolf, he stood tall and imposing, towering over Isolde, who was naked and seductively stroking his fur. The air was charged with an otherworldly energy as Isolde chanted an incantation, her voice a haunting melody that seemed to resonate with the very heart of the forest.

Piper’s heart raced, her eyes wide with shock and horror as she saw two burning red eyes gleaming from the darkness of the forest. Her mind struggled to comprehend the scene before her—Liam’s transformation, Isolde’s enchantment, and the ominous presence that watched from afar.

The rush of emotion and fear sent Piper’s heart pounding in her chest. She turned violently, her gaze narrowing on the crimson eyes nestled within the dark expanse of the forest. The unease that had gnawed at her now flared into a consuming urgency. Without a second thought, her wolf form surged forth, ripping clothes and scarring the dirt beneath her. Her powerful limbs carried her deeper into the underbrush at an unfathomable speed.

The ground beneath her feet blurred as she sprinted, weaving through the trees with an innate agility. A growl rang out in the night air. Her transformation had attracted the demon hound’s attention, and its pursuit was relentless. Embers and smoke marked the hound’s passage as it closed the distance between them, a malevolent force fueled by darkness and rage.

But Piper’s determination was unyielding. She pushed herself harder, her wolf instincts guiding her every movement. Asena raged inside her, fighting to protect them both. Her heart raced in rhythm with her swift strides, her senses acutely attuned to the presence of the demon hound that trailed her.

Suddenly, the hound cut her off, its massive form emerging from the shadows, burning and smoldering like a day-old fire. Piper skidded to a halt, her eyes narrowing as she tried to assess her next move. Panic surged within her as the hound lunged, its powerful body colliding with hers. The impact knocked her off balance, and her head collided with a nearby tree with a sickening thud.


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