The Bleed: Book 2: RAPTURE by David Moody & Chris Philbrook & Mark Tufo

The Bleed: Book 2: RAPTURE by David Moody & Chris Philbrook & Mark Tufo

Author:David Moody & Chris Philbrook & Mark Tufo [Moody, David]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: horror
Publisher: DevilDog Press
Published: 2021-03-15T22:00:00+00:00



“That’s it? That’s your plan?” Now that they were sitting, Maddie found she was extremely exhausted. Perhaps partly it had been the heat or the stress of the fight, but this was a deeper sort of weary; she felt it down to the bone.

“I cannot be the public face of the opposition, for obvious reasons, but I will help where I can,” Kalandar said.

“Sounds like typical politician double-speak.” Sandra’s words were muffled, her head was tilted back and a tissue shoved in each nostril. Maddie had taken great satisfaction in Sandra’s pain as she had readjusted the woman’s broken nose. “You could have been more careful.” Sandra was wiping away the involuntary tears the adjustment had caused.

“I could have,” Maddie told her.

“Guys, we’re going to have to figure something out. When we got here, I wasn’t specifically checking but the temperature looked normal enough, mid-seventies, maybe, but the monitor says we’re at ninety now, and it’s still rising.” Sam was pointing at the screen.

“Something to do with the wall?” Maddie asked, grunting as she stood to get closer.

“I don’t know, maybe. What else could it be?” As one, they turned to Kalandar.

“It is not of my doing,” he told them. “You will have to drop the wall.”

“Drop it? I’m not even sure how we made it,” Thistle said. “And what of the monsters? They’re still out there. The second we bring down the wall, they’ll kill everyone.”

“I believe they would rather fight than be baked alive,” Kalandar said. “I know I would.”

“Can you even be cooked?” Maddie asked.

“It is true I am used to unnatural degrees of heat… That is beside the point. I would rather fight than hide in an oven. Although, upon reflection, I always prefer to fight.”

“The temperature seems stable in here.” Sandra was removing the tissues, thankful that her nose was not bleeding nearly as freely.

“Normally, that would be an innocuous statement, a valid observation even, but I know where you’re going with that,” Maddie said.

“Why don’t you enlighten me then.”

“Let me know if I veer off course at any point. You’re thinking that if the hotel and this room, in particular, are holding steady, then fuck everyone else. That about sum it up?”

Sandra was quiet.

“Mom?” Sam asked. “Really?” she responded when her mother shrugged.

“Nothing she does should come as a surprise. It wasn’t so long ago she’d planned on leaving you behind. The only thing important to Sandra is Sandra.”

“Don’t be a bitch, Maddie. It’s unbecoming,” Sandra told her.

“So is the willful destruction of the final vestiges of humanity.”

“Always so dramatic.”

“Dramatic? Do you see what I see? It’s the truth!” Maddie punctuated her words with a flourish of her hands.

“Our big red friend already told us we are the key to stopping this invasion; we should not risk such vital assets.”

“Jesus, what goes wrong in a person’s life that they become so callous to the suffering of others?”

“I’m only being practical. We can’t babysit and fight the forces of evil.”

“To be fair, evil and


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