Rebirth: A Sci-fi Alien Invasion Romance (Captured Earth Book 5) by A.G. Wilde

Rebirth: A Sci-fi Alien Invasion Romance (Captured Earth Book 5) by A.G. Wilde

Author:A.G. Wilde [Wilde, A.G.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Petronie Publishing
Published: 2023-06-19T16:00:00+00:00

The pain in my shoulder fades in and out as darkness pulls at the edges of my vision. I’m vaguely aware of being lifted, strong arms cradling me gently.

“Sophie, can you hear me?” He’rox’s voice echoes from far away.

“You…came back,” I whisper, head lolling only to be supported by a large claw.

“I was always close by…”

I close my eyes, letting the rocking motion of He’rox carrying me lull the nausea.

After a while, I crack my eyes open again. We’re moving through the forest at a trot. He’rox’s eyes shine with concern as he glances down at me and I would smile if pain wasn’t shooting through my arm like a bitch on steroids.

“Where are we going?” I whisper.

“Somewhere safe,” he says.

Darkness clouds my vision again. “Unity?”

“Too far,” he says. “Somewhere where I cannot sense them.”

I don’t ask who or what he’s referring to, because I know. Instead, I grip his forearm, a bit concerned with how weak my grip is. “The others from this camp. They’re gone to Unity. We have to warn the people there.”

He’rox jerks his chin toward his chest in a nod and I notice those tentacles he’d walked on, the same tentacles that had kept me safe, are nowhere to be seen.

Darkness threatens to pull me under again, but I force myself to stay conscious. “We…stick together,” I whisper. “Figure this out. Stop…the parasite.”

A flicker of something crosses He’rox’s eyes and his ears flick at the sides of his head. Those tentacles that hang near his mouth twitch and writhe as if reaching out to me and for a moment, I’m caught in the beauty that’s him.

“Don’t leave me again,” I whisper. “It…” I don’t know what I’m saying. Something screams deep within me that I should shut the hell up. And yet… “I don’t like when you do.”

He glances down at me, something passing through those eyes again that I can’t quite place. Maybe because they’re always so ice-cold. Seeing any form of emotion within them now is almost unnerving.

“We’re…in this together now.” My eyes start to drift closed again. “Just get…us somewhere safe. Rest. Then we fight back.”

“You extend an alliance to a monster…”

For a moment, I don’t realize he’s referring to himself.

“You’re not a monster,” I whisper. “You’re not my enemy either. You’re my…friend.”

“Friend,” he replies.

He’rox’s grip on me tightens softly, his voice a whisper. “If you only knew how much more than that I’d like to be.”

His words soothe me as darkness claims my vision. I let my weary mind and body surrender to oblivion, trusting that He’rox will keep us both safe for now. When I wake, we’ll begin figuring out how to fight back against this insidious parasite infecting our world.

And maybe I’ll have someone fighting by my side.


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