Nua'll by S. H. Jucha

Nua'll by S. H. Jucha

Author:S. H. Jucha
Language: eng
Format: mobi
ISBN: 9780999492888
Publisher: Hannon Books, Inc
Published: 2018-06-01T22:00:00+00:00


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<Alex, we’ve accounted for every hibernation chamber, according to the colony ship’s original plans that Julien shared,> Miranda sent. <They don’t harbor a single body, and there’s no indication of what might have happened to them.>

<On the one hand, that’s good news,> Alex sent in reply. <On the other hand, it asks another question.>

<You’re worried that the aliens, who set up this operation, might have taken the bodies for other nefarious purposes,> Miranda supplied, completing Alex’s thought.

<If they’ll use the colonists’ cellular material for something like this, then there are no bounds on what they might do,> Alex replied. <Thank your team for their efforts and release them. Well done, Miranda.>

<You’re welcome, dear man,> Miranda replied, and ended the comm.

Alex checked in with Miriam, who, with Julien’s help, was designing the buildout of new areas in the colony ship. The decision had been made that the best way to deal with the New Terra’s children was to keep them aboard the colony ship until they could be normalized, as Etoya said.

Renée and Pia, with Tatia’s aid, instituted the same procedures that were employed at Sol, when the rebels were rescued at Idona Station. The freighter crews were drafted to help, and they welcomed what they thought would be a leisurely break from routine, until they saw the children’s conditions. Then the crews worked furiously and over long hours to construct the spaces, designed by Miriam and overseen by Julien, to suit Etoya and Pia’s requirements.

The new rooms were designed as a combination dormitory and education facility for each age group. Comfortable beds, refreshers, food dispensers, stock stations, tables and chairs, and training stations were installed. Much of the alien training equipment was reconfigured to work to respond to Omnian controllers, and Renée ensured that, this time, the seats were comfortable for the children. Much of the material for the buildout and basic supplies were fabricated from material gleaned from other spaces within the colony ship.

In the course of a few weeks, Omnians eliminated the drones from every operation regarding the children. Pia’s medical staff monitored the embryo development lab and handled the delivery of the babies. Etoya’s staff transferred the children to their new dormitories, but they refrained from initiating Omnian training.

Instead of training, Etoya instituted a series of games for each age group to play. It was the presence of abundant, delicious food, clean clothes, and the games that did wonder for the children’s demeanor. Nurture replaced harsh discipline, hugs soothed children’s cries, and food filled bellies begged by growing bodies.

It took a while for suspicion to die and acceptance to replace it, but eventually the transitions were complete. Then, when the children befriended their new minders, Etoya resumed their training. But, unlike the previous grind the children had endured to learn ship and mining procedures, they participated in courses that attempted to broaden their horizons.

The children were taught the Omnian language, and programs introduced them to the history of human expansion into space. In addition, studies exposed the children to the cultures of the Omnians, New Terrans, Harakens, and Méridiens.


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