Enthralled With You_Sibling Rivalry by Jordan Silver

Enthralled With You_Sibling Rivalry by Jordan Silver

Author:Jordan Silver [Silver, Jordan]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2019-01-26T18:30:00+00:00


“Luke!” That voice, that sweet hush. I didn’t answer because I already knew what she wanted. But she wasn’t ready. I hadn’t brought anything with me to rub inside her or on my cock to make taking me easier. So I needed her pussy ultra wet before we fucked.

I licked her clit with my stiff tongue and eased one long finger inside her, making sure to go slow so that I didn’t hurt her. “Tell me if I hurt you.” I made the mistake of looking into her eyes when I spoke and the look there had fire shooting into my dick.

She has got to be the most sensuous creature I’ve ever met. Lust pure and simple shone brightly in her eyes. She looked like a wanton, a sexy desirable woman who was ready to be fucked.

I fucked her with my finger to stretch her while tormenting her clit with my tongue. Then I gave her two when I thought she was ready to take more. She was tight around my fingers and I couldn’t wait to feel that tightness around the steel hardness of my cock.

I eased my fingers out of her and sucked them clean before licking my way up her body until my hips rested between hers and I could look down into her eyes. I covered her lips with mine then pulled slightly away.

“Put me inside you.” I felt the heat of her blush against my cheek and waited for the feel of her hand coming between us to find my cock and lead it to her opening.

She rested my cock just at the mouth of her pussy but was too shy do to more, so I gladly took it from there. I felt a moment’s panic at the thought that we wouldn’t fit. She was already fighting me and I hadn’t even got the head inside her yet.

“Give me your lips love.” I needed to distract her so that I could break through her barrier without making her too fearful. As soon as I felt her relax beneath me I used enough force to slip the first few inches of my thick cock into her tight cunt.

I had to catch her screams in my mouth and hold still as her body shook from shock. Her body fought to push me out but I held firm. It felt like hours instead of minutes before she settled down again. I hadn’t even breeched her barrier yet.

“Better?” I looked down at her tearstained cheeks and drenched eyes, and felt all the other tenderness I’d felt for her before pale in comparison to what rushed through me now.

“Is something wrong? I’m sorry, I’m no good at this.” Her panic and the sadness in her voice broke me out of the spell. I’d been staring at her, not speaking or moving while strange emotions took flight in my chest.

“Kiss me, the pain will lessen soon.” I hope. As soon as her lips touched mine I started to move again, feeding


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