Dream State: A SciFi Novella by Avraham Halili

Dream State: A SciFi Novella by Avraham Halili

Author:Avraham Halili [Halili, Avraham]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2024-02-04T00:00:00+00:00

Terry stopped next to a flower shop and suggested they add a bouquet to the bottle of wine in Roman’s hand. “You pick the flowers,” he said, “I’ll keep going towards the intersection and make sure we’re heading in the right direction. Wouldn’t want to get lost and then be late for our first official meeting.”

Ricardo shook Roman’s hand and gave him a warm hug. He then turned to Terry, wrapped her in a friendly embrace and gave her two kisses. He put the sunflower bouquet in a vase and poured water into it. “Come, sit down, the pasta will be ready soon.”

He led them to a vast table which seemed like an old family heirloom and the three sat down. Ricardo poured them some chianti which he’d opened in advance, then lifted his glass in the air and asked, “What shall we toast to?”

Roman pulled an envelope out of his jacket pocket and said, “To this.”

Ricardo, surprised, placed his glass down and started opening the envelope. “What is this?” he asked with an embarrassed smile. All of a sudden, he became

completely pale and his smile vanished. “You’re joking, right? Is this a prank? Where’s the hidden camera?” he mumbled and looked around, “Seriously, I don’t think my heart can handle this.”

“This is no prank, Sir,” Roman said, “It’s only money, a humble contribution by Terry and me to help you clear out some of the instruments you have waiting here. There’s a hundred thousand euro for it,” he added with a joyous smile. Terry grabbed the colorful napkin set next to her plate and wiped away a tear.

The pasta was left in the pot for too long, rendering it inedible in terms of any self-respecting Italian, meaning that the main course was ruined. However, this did nothing to change the joyful mood surrounding the table, and the wine bottle Roman had brought along kept them quenched for the remainder of their late-night gathering.



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