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Chapter 8: Xian & the Central Regions Central China is a treasure trove of history, the place where Chinese civilization was born and where it continues to be defined. From ...
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The temple’s perimeter has undergone massive and rather glitzy redevelopment, finished with parks, plazas, malls, and a new monorail. To the north is a giant square, which boasts a large ...
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Libraries Can Be Cool A combination of bar, cafe, restaurant and library, the Bookworm Offline map Google map ( Shūchóng; 6586 9507;; Bldg 4, Nansanlitun Lu, mains from ¥70; ...
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d LoungeBAR (Jiu Shu MAP GOOGLE MAP ; Courytard 4, Gongrentiyuchang Beilu, 4 cocktails from ¥60; h7pm-late; bTuanjiehu) High ceilings and exposed brick walls give this cool venue a converted ...
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Xicheng District Xicheng District lies to the west of Dongcheng. It makes up the other half of Beijing’s inner core, with the Forbidden City’s western edge as its starting point. ...
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HOUHAI The three lakes that make up the Shichahai area are collectively known to Beijingers as Houhai, and are a great place to see the locals at play. In summer ...
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Labor Laws In some Beijing workplaces it can feel like labor laws don’t exist. Workers can be expected to slave away until 8pm or 9pm every night and come in ...
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Tuesday marks one week since my mastectomy, and I walk downtown to buy flaxseed at the health food store in Bath. I’ve read that it helps stave off cancer. I’m ...
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