Galactic Empire
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epub |eng | 2017-07-05 | Author:Mike Waller [Waller, Mike]

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epub, azw3 |eng | 2023-06-10 | Author:J.N. Chaney & Terry Maggert [Chaney, J.N. & Maggert, Terry]

For a few minutes, we mulled over the best way to approach the two… agents, we presumed, although they might have been scientists or bureaucrats or some other type associated ...
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epub, azw3 |eng | 2023-03-11 | Author:J.N. Chaney & Scott Moon [Chaney, J.N. & Moon, Scott]

22 Two glorified footpaths brought us into familiar territory. I saw space needles reaching up to platforms lost in the haze of the atmosphere and wondered at the disparity between ...
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epub |eng | 2015-04-28 | Author:Ian Douglas [Douglas, Ian]

Chapter 18 Where earlier advances in communications and electronics represented obvious progress in Man's technical evolution, the development of cephlink technology represented a leap greater than those earlier developments by ...
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epub |eng | 1993-05-31 | Author:Ian Douglas [Douglas, Ian]

Chapter 19 We can imagine hierarchies of Xenophobe awareness, then, with thousands of separate cells networked together like so many unintelligent computers into a low-level kind of consciousness. We know ...
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epub |eng | 1984-02-12 | Author:Allan Cole & Chris Bunch [Cole, Allan & Bunch, Chris]

And Sten gave a slight jolt as Mathias shouted back: "FRIENDS." The young men cheered deafeningly. Mathias, all smiles, turned to Sten. "Colonel Sten, I offer you my life and ...
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epub |eng | 2023-03-03 | Author:John Walker [Walker, John]

Chapter 9 This has to be the person who took Reilin. Jeso felt compelled to deal with his primary mission rather than waste time trying to defend the settlement. If ...
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epub |eng | 2022-12-30 | Author:Craig Martelle & Brad R. Torgersen [Martelle, Craig & Torgersen, Brad R.]

CHAPTER TWELVE Seeing one of the aliens devour one of his long-range patrol ships in a matter of seconds caused Commissioner Sachim to groan. A long, slow, sad sound, the ...
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epub |eng | 2022-07-29 | Author:Tina Moss [Moss, Tina]

TOR The currents of the seas lapped against the pink sand shores. A voice carried on the breeze, beckoning me home. “Torian,” my maether’s cry matched the melody of the ...
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azw3, epub |eng | 2022-10-23 | Author:J.N. Chaney & Terry Mixon [Chaney, J.N.]

18 David sat at his console in the operations center and parsed the data they were able to pull from the active sensors as Hunter approached Argent. They still weren’t ...
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azw3, epub |eng | 2022-08-14 | Author:J.N. Chaney & Terry Mixon [Chaney, J.N.]

20 Mac looked over the map on the table between himself and Sylvaine Dufaux. While he’d been focused on preparing for the first attack, this second assault was her baby, ...
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epub |eng | 2023-02-02 | Author:John Walker [Walker, John]

Chapter 11 Jeso visited the site where the Guild parked their vessel. Forensic teams swept away anything of real value. He did manage to get a reasonable description of one ...
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epub |eng | 2023-04-18 | Author:Rick Partlow [Partlow, Rick]

14 “These suits you’ve built,” Zan-Thint said, standing behind my office chair, hands clasped behind him. “I would know what you expect to use them for.” He wouldn’t meet my ...
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epub |eng | | Author:Bryan Young [Young, Bryan]

CHAPTER 20 FELDSPAR QUARELL RASALHAGUE DOMINION 06 NOVEMBER 3151, 0920 HOURS Alexis could not believe she was sitting in a BattleMech, ready to defend the vacant city of Feldspar and ...
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