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After years of smoking, my mother had mouth surgery to remove cancer on her tongue and jaw. Even though my father had home health care nurses assisting each morning, he ...
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In Psalm 74 we see God breaking the heads of leviathan. The word for dragon has been translated reptile in some Bibles. In the east some Buddhists and Hindus still ...
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DID SOMETHING GO WRONG? For Christians who esteem the Jewish tradition, it is self-evident that at a certain point or points in her history the ekklēsia took a wrong turn. ...
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Table of Contents 00-8L-Front Matter 01-8L Introduction 02-8L Celebrating Hanukkah 03-8L Devotionals 04-8L 1 Maccabees About the Author Darren N. Huckey is the director of Emet HaTorah, a Messianic teaching ...
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The Gospels Matthew. 26: 26 – 29 26: And as they were eating, Jesus took bread, and blessed it, and brake it, and gave it to the disciples, and said, ...
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3.7 Jesus and Women in the Gospels Sisi Soref The four canonical Gospels portray the life and ministry of Jesus as offering a unique place to women, and an honored ...
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Seven Lessons Learned From the Trunk 1. Like our bodies, the trunk of the tree houses the internal systems that feed and nourish the limbs. We must be careful to ...
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CHAPTER 11 UNDERSTANDING GOD’S PLAN FOR ISRAEL The very title of this chapter would create a dispute in many, if not most, churches. “Surely,” they would say, “God no longer ...
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LOOK AT THE TIMES If we are truly moving into the final days before Jesus returns, then everything I am writing is of vital importance. My hope and prayer is ...
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