The Grand Grimoire: The Red Dragon by Author Unknown

The Grand Grimoire: The Red Dragon by Author Unknown

Author:Author, Unknown [Author, Unknown]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Tarl Warwick
Published: 2015-01-08T16:00:00+00:00

Then follow the spirit on the path to the treasure that will be indicated (at the triangle) without taking fright and throw the signed pact over the treasure and touching it with the rod take as much of it as you can. Then return inside the triangle, making certain to walk backwards, where you will deposit your treasure in front of yourself, dismissing the spirit as follows:

The Conjuring and Dismissal of the Spirit with whom the pact is made:

"O great LUCIFUGE, I am satisfied with you at present; I will leave you to peace and permit you to retire to wherever you wish without making any noise or leaving any bad odors. Think then, about your duty regarding my pact; since, if the one instant you shirk your obligation, you can be sure that I will torment you eternally with the great and powerful words of the great Clavicle of the great King Solomon with which he forced all of the rebel spirits to obey him."

Prayer to the Omnipotent in Thanksgiving:

"Omnipotent God, heavenly father, who created all things for the service and use of man, I humbly thank you, that in your great goodness and that you have permitted that I could make a pact with a spirit that is a rebel of your authority and subdue it to obey me in fulfilling all of my needs. I thank you, O omnipotent God, for the good that you have done me tonight to have shown myself to be worthy to have granted to me, miserable creature, your precious favors and to present, great God, now that I have come to know the force and power of your great promises, when you said: "seek and you shall find", "knock and the door shall be opened" as you have recommended to raise the poor, condescend O great God to inspire me to true sentiment of charity so that I can spread with this Great Work a great portion of the possessions your great divinity permitted that I could receive. Let it be, O great God, that I can enjoy these great

riches that I possess, with tranquillity and do not permit any rebel spirit to harm my enjoyment of these precious treasures over which you permit me to own.

Inspire in me, O great God, the necessary sentiment to unbind me from the grips of the devil and all maleffcient spirits. I trust, O great God, in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and in your saintly protection. Amen."

Oration to Protect Oneself from Evil Spirits:

"O omnipotent Father, O Mother, the most tender of all mothers, O

admirable example of the sentiments, O Son, O flower of all sons, soul, spirit, harmony and number of all orders, preserve us, protect us, guide us and be propitious. Amen. "


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