To Light a Sacred Flame by Silver RavenWolf

To Light a Sacred Flame by Silver RavenWolf

Author:Silver RavenWolf
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Magickal Minutes

Pick one thing you’ve been worrying about. Write the worry on a piece of toilet paper. Flush the worry down the toilet. That’s right. Give up the worry. Push yourself into positive action rather than passive reaction. Visualize the best happening, rather than the worst, as the paper gets sucked down to the sewer. Do this faithfully every evening until the situation resolves itself.

Magick Makes a New You

Any type of magickal application or ritual changes your being on various levels, including mental, spiritual, and physical. Therefore, you need to think carefully about the magickal and ritual applications you plan and perform. We consist of many selves. I’m a wife, mother, writer, teacher, diviner, orator, et cetera. All these selves represent a part of me. During my life I have added new selves, allowed some of the old selves to mature, and tossed out other old selves who would be detrimental to my overall happiness. I’ve even created temporary selves to handle a situation or do a job. Sometimes people call these selves “the masks we wear,” but I’m not so sure they represent masks at all, as these masks function as a part of us for good or ill. Just as we unconsciously create new aspects of these selves when we perform magick and ritual, we can consciously re-pattern our lives with magick and ritual, thereby ultimately changing ourselves. There isn’t anything wrong with making a “new self,” no matter how old you are. This new self integrates some of the old while cultivating the new. This is a part of maturation.

Most spellcasting has a lot to do with your attitude about yourself and others. I’ll never forget the sugar bowl spell. Years ago, I threw a big party at my house for magickal and non-magickal people. We had at least forty-five adults and about twenty-three kids here. As I don’t have a particularly large house, you can guess the overall atmosphere—chaos.

I have a habit of inviting people I don’t know to these parties. Usually, the people have worked with magick in some way or another, and want to stop by because they’ve read my books or have attended a local seminar. Anyway, I invited one fellow and his friend over for the party, thinking they might enjoy talking with several magickal people who I know act in a trustworthy manner. Eager to attend my party, the young man didn’t tell me his friend was scared bloodless of Witches. I mean, this guy must have seen and believed every horror movie in Hollywood, and then some. He also failed to mention that his friend was psychologically unstable.

So, there we sit around the dining room table—several Wiccan friends, the white-faced friend, my daughter, and some of my relatives. I have no clue that this man thinks we plan to sacrifice him. The party roars around us—the fellows are shooting the you-know-what on the patio, the kids are playing tag in the backyard, there’s a clutch of people gabbing in the


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