Animal Frequency by Melissa Alvarez

Animal Frequency by Melissa Alvarez

Author:Melissa Alvarez
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: animal frequency, melissa alvarez, communicating with animals, connecting with animals, connecting with nature, how to connect to nature
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Published: 2017-01-26T05:00:00+00:00


Traits: Starfish symbolizes hope, courage, and confidence. Starfish isn’t a fish at all. It’s more closely related to the sand dollar or sea urchin. There are more than two thousand species of starfish. Most have five arms but can have up to forty. It has hundreds of tube feet underneath the arms. Instead of blood, the starfish uses a water vascular system to pump seawater into its body and to the tube feet so they can extend them and hold prey. Muscles retract the feet when not in use. This means you are a master at finding unique ways of doing things to achieve your desired results. It also means you don’t let opportunities pass you by; instead you reach out and grab them with both hands and hold on tight.

Talents: Beauty, empathy, experience, good luck, guidance, hope, inspiration, intuition, light, longevity, movement, observation, optimism, persistence, regeneration, spiritual truth, strength, uniqueness

Challenges: Controlling, defensive, emotionally needy, manipulative

Element(s): Water

Primary Color(s): Blue, orange, pink, purple, red, yellow, and many mixed colors and patterns

Appearances: When starfish appears, it means you are looking at life in black and white instead of seeing the colors around you. Starfish doesn’t have a brain but has an eye spot at the end of each arm that looks like a red dot. With it, the starfish can see light and dark. This means you’re only seeing life in black and white. You may be taking things too seriously when they’re meant in fun. Surround yourself with people with colorful personalities. You have a lot of confidence that you will excel in whatever task you undertake. Starfish can pull apart a mollusk shell with its arms. Then, it eats backward. Its mouth is tiny, so it pushes its stomach out through its mouth, digests its dinner while it’s still in the shell, and then pulls its stomach back inside. This is an ingenious way to partake of a larger food source. It’s also a reminder not to overeat and to use your manners at the table. Starfish also reminds you not to be too controlling with people. It’s your nature to pry things open, but sometimes you have to let others open up to you instead of forcing them to let you see inside. Use finesse when interacting with others.

Assists When: You need to start over. Starfish has the ability to regenerate a lost limb. When you need to begin again, starfish can guide you as you rebuild your life and replace anything you’ve lost. It will not be exactly the same, but it can be better than before. When dramatic changes happen there’s always a reason behind it. Just like starfish, you may not see it well at the time, but it will make itself known one day. The top part of many starfish is tough, leathery, and has spines to protect it from predators. This same toughness protects you during transitions. Starfish can live up to thirty-five years, which speaks of learning through your life experiences. Starfish is connected to spiritual truth and can help you on your spiritual path.


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