John Dee and the Empire of Angels by Jason Louv

John Dee and the Empire of Angels by Jason Louv

Author:Jason Louv
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Occult History/Biography
Publisher: Inner Traditions/Bear & Company
Published: 2018-03-21T04:00:00+00:00


The Books Returned

On April 29, 1586, “a wonderful deed that ought to be remembered forever” occurred.

While standing at the end of a gallery by his chamber, Kelly looked over into the vineyard and saw a gardener pruning trees. The gardener walked over to the wall beneath Kelly, and said, “I beg that you say to the Doctor that he might come to me.”55 He then went away cutting the trees “very handsomely,”56 and by the cherry trees near the house, on a rock in the garden, he mounted up into the sky in a pillar of fire. Kelly asked his wife to go see who was in the garden, but she saw nobody.

Suspicious of the apparition, Kelly told Dee that there was a wicked spirit in the garden seeking to delude him. Dee accompanied Kelly to the garden to look, and within seven minutes they saw a sheet of white paper being tossed by the wind under an almond tree. Under the tree were three of the books that had been burned: Liber Loagaeth, the Forty-eight claves angelica, and Liber scientiae.

Dee and Kelly fell to their knees to give thanks to God. Miraculously, the books showed no sign whatsoever of having been in a fire. The pair sat under the almond tree for thirty minutes praising God, after which the gardener again appeared, with his face half turned away, similar to the way Ave often presented himself. He bid Kelly to follow him, during which time his feet hovered a foot off the ground and doors opened before him without being touched; the gardener led Kelly back to the house and upstairs to the study, and the furnace where the books had been burned. The apparition then reached into the furnace, where a great light poured out from a single missing brick, put his hand into the hole, pulled out the remaining books, and handed them to Kelly one by one. Everything was returned except the book from which the last revelation was cut, and Pucci’s recantation (these bits had been removed by Dee and kept aside).

The gardener next bid Kelly to go, and said that they would be given the rest later. He went before Kelly in a fiery cloud, with Kelly following along with the books under his arm, even gliding by Pucci’s chamber door without flinching. After the guide left him, Kelly brought the books to an astonished Dee, who was still sitting under the almond tree. After giving prayers of thanks on April 30, they were told that their sins were forgiven, that they would be fruitful and blessed with all of the gifts of nature, that the end of the world was still scheduled for the “year eighty-eight,”57 and that new actions would proceed—albeit without Pucci, who was now called defiled.

The damage was already done—Dee and Kelly’s activities had angered the Church; on May 22, Pucci warned them anonymously that the pontifical legate had accused Kelly of necromancy. Dee was


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