The Malloreon: Book 02 - King of the Murgos by David Eddings

The Malloreon: Book 02 - King of the Murgos by David Eddings

Author:David Eddings
Language: eng
Format: mobi, epub
Tags: C429, Extratorrents, Kat
ISBN: 9780552168588
Publisher: Corgi Books
Published: 2000-03-07T13:00:00+00:00

Chapter Thirteen

They clattered through the deserted midnight streets of Rak Urga with the king’s torch-bearing guards drawn up closely around them. ‘It’s all a sham, of course,’ Urgit was saying to Sadi. ‘I bow and scrape to Agachak, mouth pious platitudes to make him happy, and keep my real opinions to myself. I need his support, so I have to stay on the good side of him. He knows that, so he takes every possible advantage of the situation.’

‘The bond between Church and State here in Cthol Murgos is well known,’ Sadi noted as they entered a broad square where flaring torches painted the sides of nearby buildings a smoky orange.

Urgit made an indelicate sound. ‘Bond!’ he snorted, ‘More like a chain, Sadi—and it’s around my neck.’ He looked up at the murky sky, his sharp-featured face ruddy in the torchlight. ‘Agachak and I agree on one thing, though. It’s absolutely essential to get the Dagashi Kabach to Rak Hagga before winter sets in. Jaharb’s had his people combing all of Western Cthol Murgos for months looking for a slaver to slip Kabach through Mallorean lines.’ He suddenly grinned at Sadi. ‘As luck had it, the one he found just happened to be an old friend of mine. I don’t know that we need to let Agachak know that we’re acquainted, though. I like to keep a few secrets from him.’

Sadi made a sour face. ‘It’s not too hard to guess why you’re sending an assassin to the city where Kal Zakath’s headquarters are located.’

‘I wouldn’t advise lingering for any sight-seeing after you get him there,’ Urgit agreed. ‘But then, Rak Hagga’s not a very attractive town anyway.’

Sadi nodded glumly. ‘That’s more or less what I thought.’ He considered it, running one long-fingered hand over his shaven scalp. ‘The death of Zakath won’t really solve your problem, though, will it? I can’t really see the Mallorean generals packing up and going home just because their emperor’s been killed.’

Urgit sighed. ‘One thing at a time, Sadi. I can probably bribe the generals, or pay them tribute or something. The first step is to get rid of Zakath. You can’t reason with that man.’ He looked around at the bleak stone buildings, harshly illuminated by flickering torchlight. ‘I hate this place,’ he said suddenly. ‘I absolutely hate it.’

‘Rak Urga?’

‘Cthol Murgos, Sadi. I hate the whole stinking country. Why couldn’t I have been born in Tolnedra—or maybe Sendaria? Why did I have to get stuck in Cthol Murgos?’

‘But you’re the king.’

‘That wasn’t by choice. One of our charming customs is that when a new king is crowned, all other possible contenders for the throne are put to death. For me, it was either the throne or the grave. I had a number of brothers when I became king, but now I’m an only child.’ He shuddered. ‘This is a gloomy subject, don’t you think? Why don’t we talk about something else? Just what are you doing in Cthol Murgos, Sadi? I thought you were Salmissra’s right hand.


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