Constitutional Law
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Part IV Human Rights After 9/11 9 A Descending Spiral Scope of Inquiry This chapter is written in the context of discussion within the United States, but seeks to be ...
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5.1 What Is Responsibility and What Is Attribution? This section will define responsibility and attribution in the abstract (under Sect. 5.1.1) before considering what the definitions mean in the context ...
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Source: Andhra Pradesh Civil Liberties Committee, Life Liberty and Livelihood: Civil Liberties in Andhra Pradesh Vol. I, 1996, pp. 38–39. NOTES & REFERENCES 1. The first Indian Law Commission was ...
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PART III IDEOLOGY OF TORTURE Chapter 7 CONSCIENCE, IMPERIAL IDENTITY, AND TORTURE To lose an empire is to lose one’s self. —General Raoul Salan, Mémoires MANAGEMENT OF conscience was essential ...
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Chapter 5 The violence of the Other's law * * * We are all used to ritual in your Lordships’ House, but ours is harmless and hurts no one. 1 ...
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Part III POSTABYSSAL PEDAGOGIES 10 GANDHI, AN ARCHIVIST OF THE FUTURE On the Need for Intercultural and Interpolitical Translation Intercultural translation has a central role to play in the epistemologies ...
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Identification and Misrecognition The Delhi protests in 2012–2013 addressed different kinds of publics—retributive, reformative and pornographic. Equally it made visible different kinds of male bodies—rapacious, castrating, raped and castrated. For ...
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1 One significant exception to this is Rajagopal, who essentially argues that the ‘instrument effects’ of the attempt to institutionalise a New International Economic Order were to deradicalise the claim ...
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Sykes, A. O. (2007). International law. In A. M. Polinsky & S. Shavell (Eds.), Handbook of law and economics (Vol. 1, pp. 757–826). Elsevier. Vaubel, R. (1986). A public choice ...
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In our current century, it is difficult to appreciate the vast renown of many of the people on Varian Fry’s lists, only a few of whom are still household names. ...
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THE BURGER COURT created another important exception to the exclusionary rule by allowing the admission of evidence if the police reasonably relied on an invalid warrant to conduct a search ...
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12 EVERYTHING AHMED had learned in his nomadic upbringing taught him never to run: nomads learn to walk at a moderate speed to save energy. Running is fatal, and life ...
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This case suggests that the assumed sensory authority of video—its portrayal of the emotional layers of the war experiences—also makes it an exceptionally persuasive device. This belief lingers in the ...
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