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epub |eng | 2009-07-11 | Author:Ph.D. Geoffrey G. Yager [Geoffrey G. Yager, Ph.D.]

Scenario Number One, Paul Paul, twenty-nine years old, is an experienced counselor who has been counseling Sue, a strikingly attractive single woman who is twenty-five years old. Sue’s first session ...
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While still a relatively understudied aspect of this research, there is also growing evidence that anti-LGBT harassment and other aspects of hostile school environments may have academic as well as ...
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epub |eng | 2017-06-15 | Author:James O. Prochaska and John C. Norcross

Self-Harm In both adolescents and adults, CBT reduces suicidal and self-harm behaviors. A meta-analysis was conducted on the pooled data in 14 CBT studies for adolescent self-harm behaviors. Pretreatment to ...
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epub |eng | 2016-12-10 | Author:Jones, Brenda, Dr., PhD; Duffey, Thelma, Dr., PhD; Haberstroh, Shane, Dr., PhD

DEVELOPMENTAL CONSIDERATIONS Cognitive and Intellectual Development Brice, an academically gifted student with a keen interest in science and math (and the grades to match), informed me during one of our ...
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IV You are part of the world around you: Fostering resilience MAYA GOLD WAS A TEENAGER with a big heart. She was well liked by her peers, had close relationships ...
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Through all these aspects of Hayden’s work a number of clearly telic negotiations are identifiable. The purposeful and yet conversational to and fro between trainer and client that creates a ...
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6.2.2 Happy song, sad song • Recommended age 8+ • Duration 10 minutes • Resources » Two songs – one ‘sad’, one ‘happy’ – and the means to play them ...
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The Role of Evidence-Based Practice Meaningful research results must be disseminated locally in ways that are understandable and can influence application potential. Ideally, research needs to be conducted also to ...
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3.4 Cover Letters Cover letters are not typically mandatory when submitting your resume, but they can be used to supplement your achievements and explain your qualifications and desires. A strong ...
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Be kind to yourself: your journey to gender justice will take you through different stages of building awareness and learning One who knows not and knows not that they knows ...
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MINDFUL SEEING With mindfulness we use an anchor to stabilize our awareness. The breath works well as this anchor, and there are many other anchor points we can use. One ...
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epub |eng | 2018-01-15 | Author:Victoria E. Kress & Matthew J. Paylo & Nicole Stargell

What are your core values? What skills have you used to cope with your troubles in the past? Did they work? Do you have supportive family members or friends that ...
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Jazmine enters Mr. Cohen’s 9th grade math class 10 minutes late. Mr. Cohen is in the middle of a lesson, but pauses very briefly to say, “Jazmine, take off your ...
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