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The schooner harbour in Majunga. Conrad would have loved it here, amongst the rickshaws and the prostitutes. They may also have owned my hotel, the Akbar. The upper floors were ...
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Plant Crimes Plants disappear all the time in south Florida. So do most other living things. One day after my trip to Kerry’s Bromeliads, after all the Elaines had disappeared, ...
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If you’re still having trouble sleeping, don’t hesitate to speak with your doctor or to find a sleep professional. You may also benefit from recording your sleep in a sleep ...
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FUN FACT American witch hazel (H. virginiana) blooms in the fall, while vernal witch hazel blooms in late winter, and Asian varieties flower in the early spring! A decoction of ...
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This weedy, annual plant grows to ten or fifteen feet tall and produces a sticky, intoxicating resin that is also used to produce hashish. All parts of the plant contain ...
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TABLE SELECTION The most important decision in this garden is the table selection. This table was selected because when the top is lifted it exposes the floor underneath, providing access ...
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A refractometer will help you measure the water content of the honey to determine if it is ready for harvest. Elke When Elke decided to take up beekeeping, it took ...
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Makes approximately 120ml INGREDIENTS 35g organic shea butter 35ml lavender infused carrier oil 45g unrefined beeswax (I source mine from a local beekeeper) 20 drops organic lavender essential oil Equipment ...
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Plant Bugs Harlequin bugs Most of the true bugs are categorized as Plant bugs. Plant bugs come in many colors, including light-green, mourned brown, bright red-orange, and lime green. Harlequin ...
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Storing dried herbs Once the plant is crisply dry, you can discard any larger stalks. Whole leaves and flowers will keep best, but if they are large you may want ...
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Trace Minerals Nightcap Shot Do you get your trace minerals? Our bodies need tiny amounts of minerals such as iron, zinc, selenium, fluoride, chromium, copper, iodine, and magnesium on a ...
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Preparation Methods Vegetables in Italy are cooked in endless ways, befitting their status. They are included in every part of the meal, from antipasto to an occasional dessert. Vegetables are ...
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