Christian (The Protectors Book 1) by L. Ann Marie

Christian (The Protectors Book 1) by L. Ann Marie

Author:L. Ann Marie [Marie, L. Ann]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: L. Ann Marie
Published: 2017-01-18T18:30:00+00:00

* * *


I jump back feeling settled. Just seeing Hawk waiting for me settled me. I shake my head. The ancestors may not like that competition, but just the sight of him had my mind and heart working together again.

I hear the water shut off and wonder about the little spitfire in there. While she was watching me, I got a glimpse of her head thrown back and ecstasy etched on her face. I’ll never lose that picture. I pushed it away and fixed fuckin’ pillows. If she wasn’t right there, I would have gotten the relief I need. Jesus she’s fuckin’ beautiful when she comes. I shake my head. I need to go slow here.

Pushing thoughts of her out, I connect to Jeremy. ‘Je, you did fuckin’ awesome today. How is Aubrey doing?’

His laugh hits me and I smile. ‘Perfect. She can fight.’

I can see him shaking his head and laugh. ‘She can. You did it Je. I’m proud of you.’

‘Thanks for making me teach her. I couldn’t do it alone.’ He sounds embarrassed.

‘We need all of us Brother. The old ladies have always worked with the Brothers, this is no different, her job is different, but the purpose is the same.’

‘Yeah. I got it today. I’m glad you’re okay. I watched Nick and Prez. You did it too Christian. You kept both Clubs safe.’

I smile. It feels incredible knowing I didn’t fuck it up. ‘Yeah.’

‘Watch Mucimi. He’s bringing more in. VP has a surprise for you. It’s good. I gotta go.’

Fuckin’ kid is gone. Mucimi’s bringing more. Jesus I hope they aren’t fuckin’ babies. Dean walks out of the bathroom and my dick is hard. Fuck. I put Mucimi away and watch her.

She’s nervous so I put my arm out. “Got you a blue Patriot. It’s an SUV, but small and cute like you.”

She’s on her hands and knees crawling toward me and stops. What a fuckin’ sight she makes just like that. “I like the name.”

I smile, she has no clue about cars. “That’s why I picked it. The Compass is too small. This one you can fit a kid in the back.” Her expression changes to confused. It hits me. “I don’t have kids. I hope you want them.”

I get that smile. She sits facing me. “I never thought about a husband and kids. It’s different when you can’t touch people.”

I got that from her when I could read everything she thought. “I was the same way, Dakota too, so I think it’s normal for people like us. For me it’s like a whole new world opened up for me and I get all those dreams I missed out on as a kid.”

She smiles nodding her head. “That’s exactly how I feel. I was thinking it in the shower. I’m slammed with teenage raging hormones. It’s about time.”

I crack up. She’s cute. She hits my chest and I hold her hand there. “Let’s explore your raging hormones.” I give her hand a tug and she lands on my chest.


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