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OPENING UP NEW OPPORTUNITIES Finding ways to innovate and solve problems no one else is tackling can open all kinds of new opportunities, what you might call “blue oceans.” That’s ...
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Age Another commonly used qualitative study participant selection criterion is age. Age is an important variable both in terms of the consumer behaviour studied within marketing research and from the ...
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• Synergy – the group process generates a wider range of information than would accrue from a comparable number of in-depth interviews. • Snowballing – respondent interaction creates a chain ...
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6 Beyond linear regressionNon-additivity, non-linearity and mediation 6.1 Introduction Sometimes the complexities of life entail that the linear regression model paints a too simplistic picture of reality. If under these ...
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Self-Actualisation Abraham Maslow first described the term self-actualisation in 1943. Maslow described five layers of the human phases that describe stages of human growth. [301] This theory in psychology is ...
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Oversight Just as good data are integral to good program management, good management goes a long way toward producing valid, reliable data. Monitoring and survey activities should be subject to ...
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Steve Icon February 1983 Having your own icon becomes a status symbol In February 1983, I started working on an icon editor that Susan Kare could use to create icons ...
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4.4 TURF analysis In the previous sections, I focused on newer methods for testing new products in the marketplace. This was predicated on there being just one version of a ...
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Retain existing individual users better. Create new revenue streams for existing individual users. “So we have to figure out where the problems and opportunities are surrounding each of those,” I ...
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To illustrate user stories in action, I’ll use examples for a fictitious financial literacy application (Centsible). This mobile-only application targets millennials—in particular, recent college graduates—who wish to improve their management ...
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5. In the end, the ideas in the top right quadrant represent the ideas that should be chosen for further development. Management can then select more specific ideas from this ...
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To quote Marc Andreessen, “The most important thing is to know what you can't know,” and we can't know in advance which of our ideas will work with customers and ...
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WHEN TO USE BENEFITS Creates overview Improves communication Reveals relationships Visualizes information INPUT Set of entities and an understanding of their relations based on research findings OUTPUT A diagram visualizing ...
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