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* * * HOLLAND CALLED the most famous attorney she had likely heard of: Gloria Allred, known for representing victims of sexual harassment. Allred took her as a client almost ...
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CHAPTER ELEVEN On any other Thursday night, the procession would have seemed macabre: a few dozen cars snaking slowly through the open iron gates of one of the oldest cemeteries ...
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5. One organisation that understands these dynamics and has made them an integral part of its structure is Gore, founded in 1958 by a chemical engineer who had seen for ...
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Califano used the Urban Institute to block RAND’s access to social policy work. He leaned heavily on all federal agencies to channel a portion of their research funds to the ...
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***** Sophia Morosova was an interesting sight, practicing her serves, wearing her jacket, and her thin white leather driving gloves, all by herself on a tennis court in the Blue ...
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Chapter Seventeen Chris Kemp on Chris Kemp, Spring 2017 After I’d spent my first few months with Stealth Space, it became clear to me that I’d stumbled into a special ...
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THE INFLUENCE OF ILO STANDARDS AND PRINCIPLES ON FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION AND COLLECTIVE BARGAINING The third trend in the evolution of labour law in Central and Eastern European countries relates ...
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WAYS AND MEANS: BY WAY OF CONCLUSION To achieve a just transition at the local or global level, be it through the Green New Deal, the municipal government, or frontline ...
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CONCLUSION Periodic recertification in the Food Stamp Program represents a necessary compromise between two competing policy objectives. On the one hand, states need accurate information to determine whether households remain ...
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