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11 WE SPENT THE month of December in harmony. Sometimes Ernesto ate with us. He would entertain us with the daily stories from the hospital and his activities as a ...
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epub |eng | 2013-05-20 | Author:Friedrich Katz

Carrancista and Villista Agrarian Policies Villa’s abstention from matters of ideology and social legislation on a national scale ended in May 1915, when he decreed an agrarian law. It is ...
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epub |eng | 2006-01-15 | Author:John Lynch [Lynch, John]

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Carmen Miranda wearing Yvonne Wood’s exquisite creation for her final number of Greenwich Village (1944). Courtesy of the Margaret Herrick Library In Carmen Miranda’s last film for Twentieth Century-Fox, If ...
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CHAPTER 8 Mission to the United States Maura woke in her dusty room on October 22, 1976, the cries of the neighborhood roosters and the rattletrap buses already noisy on ...
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epub |eng | 2015-10-15 | Author:David Good

September 9, 2011 11:12 A.M. UPPER ORINOCO, YANOMAMI TERRITORY The Yanomami women, they gossip as they walk. These treks, they’re not just about collecting food and other resources needed to ...
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CHAPTER 16 Ours Guns, Our Germs, and Our Steel THE MATIS LED THE WAY forward. Suddenly they pulled up in their tracks and pointed ahead, toward a cluster of trees ...
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CHAPTER 9 The crossing of the Granma from Tuxpán on the Mexican coast of the Gulf to the coast of Oriente province in Cuba was pure nightmare, lasting seven days ...
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epub |eng | 2007-07-19 | Author:Bart Jones [Jones, Bart]

Rather than petering out, the mudslinging got worse. Urdaneta’s accusations against Miquilena included charges that he was a shareholder in a printing company that won a noncompetitive contract from the ...
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It is difficult to reconstruct precisely what happened on the rooftop. Each Search Bloc member interviewed for this story provided an account based on what he had seen. Certain details ...
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Popular Icons 6 Eva Perón THE MADONNA OF THE SHIRTLESS ONES Thinkers and politicians through the ages have long been aware that politics is a kind of theater, but after ...
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Madam, Through these two doors, solitude escaped and went in search of your green island. I don’t know if one day we’ll be able to hold hands, surrounded by children, ...
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mobi |es | 2005-12-31 | Author:Nando Parrado

La ventisca perdió finalmente fuerza y la mañana del 17 de noviembre nos levantamos con un día despejado y calmado. Sin demasiado bombo, Roberto, Tintín y yo recogimos nuestras cosas ...
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