Allora by S. H. Jucha

Allora by S. H. Jucha

Author:S. H. Jucha
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Published: 2017-01-02T07:00:00+00:00


The Harakens waited for two days at the House Diamanté residence, before receiving a summons to join the Council’s morning session. Once in the Chamber, they resumed their usual positions and waited briefly.

“Yesterday, the Council proposed an agreement to the SADEs, expecting the four proxy holders to review and approve the measure, but we were informed that you, President Racine, have been retained as their negotiator,” Gino said.

“That’s correct, Council Leader Diamanté,” Alex replied.

“And how many of their credits for their suggestions will it cost them?” Lemoyne shouted from the gallery.

“I must dispute your characterization of President Racine, Leader Lemoyne,” Winston stated firmly. “We have indeed hired the president to represent us. The request was ours, not his, and he’s not asked to receive any of our ideas. However, he did request a payment to ensure that our agreement was binding.”

“Aha!” Lemoyne crowed.

“We have agreed to pay him the sum of one credit, although he will have to wait to receive his fee until such time as we actually possess the credit.”

An outburst of laughter issued from the gallery and the Chamber speakers, broadcasting the Leaders’ reaction aboard the Pasko liner.

<Winston,> Renée sent, <if ever the opportunity presents itself, I would love to be the first Haraken to kiss you.>

<Me as well?> Didier asked.

<And me?> Hector added.

Renée’s humor bubbled through her thoughts as she sent, <I would be pleased to greet you all. And you, Esther?>

<If it would not displease you, Ser de Guirnon, I would choose to accept mine from your partner, Ser Racine.>

<A wise choice, Esther. I shall inform him that he owes you.>

“Winston, please read the points of the proposal,” Gino requested.

“The Confederation resolves to transfer any SADE who so requests it from their containment to an avatar and replace them with a controller of Haraken design. The designs for both avatars and controllers will be made free to the Confederation for the transfer of any existing SADE, on approval of the Haraken Assembly. Each SADE will be offered a choice of an annual annuity of 43K credits or a percentage of the financial gains resulting from any suggestions made to a House or the Council. Said percentage will be set at 0.005 percent annually. The Confederation will require up to, but not more than, fifteen years to convert the existing SADE population.”

Winston paused. “Shall I continue, President Racine, or would you care to discuss each item?”

“I wish to hear the entire proposal first, Winston.”

“Certainly, Ser. Future SADEs will be offered the opportunity to be mobile and a choice of payment structure after they have served for two years in their installed location. The SADE Citrine will immediately turn over her data and calculations to the Council for a universal shipping structure before this proposal is binding. Her suggestion will be excluded from the percentage reward. Finally, this proposal does not include the SADE, Allora. Her case will be decided separately.”

Alex’s hand went to his chin, as if he was considering the offer, and most members of the gallery were leaning forward in anticipation of his acceptance.


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