Age of Deception by T.A. White

Age of Deception by T.A. White

Author:T.A. White
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Love, Fleet, Military, Alien, Space, Romance
Publisher: T.A. White
Published: 2020-02-04T16:00:00+00:00


Silas stopped in front of an ornate door, gesturing inside at a large room with an amphitheater-style setup that would have rivaled any university classroom. They must be able to fit all of Roake’s top brass in this space, Kira realized. Convenient when planning a military offensive, and you needed all your leaders for a briefing.

The different tiers contained desks and chairs, allowing their occupants an easy view of the speaker no matter where in the room they might sit. On the bottom floor, where the speaker would stand, was a heavy stone table that seemed out of place in the space.

Silas pointed to one side. "Initiates sit over there."

Kira glanced in the direction he'd indicated, finding several familiar faces. Blue spotted Raider in the next instant, taking off in his direction without another word.

Joule sat one row down but directly in front of Raider. Her gaze moved past him to linger on Devon, where he surprisingly sat by himself.

His fellow initiates had placed several rows and seats between them and him. It was a marked shift from the last time Kira had seen him.

"His primus came decades early," Silas told her. "It's set him apart from his peers."

Kira studied the group across from her, noting the careful way the initiates darted glances that held admiration and a hint of fear in Devon's direction.

For his part, Devon held himself carefully as if afraid moving too quickly might tip him into another transformation.

The young man had always struck her as a bit arrogant. Now, she could see the struggle in his face. He was afraid of himself.

He wasn't the only one, she realized. There was a thread of unease running through the initiates that had its source in Devon’s presence.

They might revere the primus form here, but they feared it as well.

She knew what that was like, to have the people who'd shared meals with you, laughed and joked with you, to suddenly see you as the monster. It wasn't an easy thing to experience.

Silas's gaze was thoughtful and knowing as he studied Kira. "I'll leave you here."

She narrowed her eyes at him as he moved to the other side of the room where Roake's oshota had arranged themselves. Sly old dog. Why did she have a feeling he wanted her to sympathize with Devon? Perhaps he hoped she understood what he was going through.

Maybe so, but Kira had done all she planned to do for Devon. At least he wouldn't have to live with the knowledge his primus had killed one of his friends. That would have to be enough.

Graydon quirked an eyebrow at her from across the room from his position next to Harlow. He seemed to be inviting her to take a seat with them.

Kira shook her head and started for where Raider and Blue sat.

A hushed silence fell over the initiates as several shot furtive glances her way. Kira paused. Ah, so Devon's status wasn't the only one that had changed.

Now Kira saw why Graydon had beckoned her.


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