Adams, Robert - Castaways 04 by Adams Robert

Adams, Robert - Castaways 04 by Adams Robert

Author:Adams, Robert
Language: eng
Format: epub

"And don't try telling me it's natural because he was a Marine, like you, Arsen; Greg Sinclair was too, and the last I heard of him, hours ago, he was moaning that if he didn't stop his heart was going to burst.

Although, to give him a little credit, he was ahead of John and Al, at least."

"Well," said Arsen, "it gets dark quick after the sun sets in these hills, and it's going to set soon, so I'd better see if I can find those three."

But it was not necessary. Even as he started to climb back into the carrier, the three missing members of the party staggered to the brushy crest of one of the flanking hills and began to stumble and slide down to the vale.


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