Adams, Robert - Castaways 02 by Adams Robert

Adams, Robert - Castaways 02 by Adams Robert

Author:Adams, Robert
Language: eng
Format: epub

Harold, Archbishop of York, sat in the study cum alchemical laboratory of his palace facing the newly returned Duke of Norfolk across the width of a heavy, much-scarred table. The top of that table was cluttered, end to end, with the effects of the late Colonel Doctor Jane Stone. Directly before the cleric lay an opened case containing row upon row of small green-and-yellow capsules. Beside it, a similar case held two transparent ampoules and four hypodermic syringes.

The old, old man shook his white-haired head yet again. "I do not understand, Bass. I can understand why she might have brought the four dozen booster capsules, since they can be very useful as general antibiotics and she had no idea just what kind of a world she was projecting into. But why in God's holy

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name she brought along enough longevity serum for four initial dosages, I cannot imagine?"


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