A Swing for Life by Nick Faldo

A Swing for Life by Nick Faldo

Author:Nick Faldo
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Atria Books



UNDER ANY SORT of pressure, there’s often a tendency to quit on your body action: The hips and stomach decelerate in the moments before impact; there’s no confidence and no commitment to the shot. This is one reason so many amateurs leave the ball out to the right of their target. As the turning motion effectively comes to a halt, the ball flies exactly where their chest is facing at the conclusion of the swing. So any time you feel a little nervous, or you begin to leak shots right, turn your attention to the rotation of your stomach and commit to turning your belly all the way through the shot. One of the most effective ways to feel this body action is to hold a driver out at waist height and swish the clubhead like you’re hitting a baseball. Feel your shoulders turn fully back and through. The faster the stomach moves, the greater the acceleration of the clubhead, and the louder the swish. Repeat this several times and then try to re-create that sound with your regular swing. The beauty of this quick and simple exercise is that it teaches you the discipline of building acceleration gradually, one of the keys to maximizing clubhead speed for impact.


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