Your Lycan or Mine? (Broken Heart Book 14) by Michele Bardsley

Your Lycan or Mine? (Broken Heart Book 14) by Michele Bardsley

Author:Michele Bardsley [Bardsley, Michele]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Freeman Publications
Published: 2016-01-26T06:00:00+00:00

* * *

Las Vegas, Nevada

AT THE SOUL searchers office, Nor stared at the headless lion. He could hardly believe a super powerful demon would use such a piece of crap as her vessel.

You couldn’t account for some people’s tastes.

With no computer, Nor relied on his smartphone to Google information about Lilith. After reading several articles, he concluded that was she was a horrible bitch. He’d texted with Ash last night. He knew that after she did a soul shift, she’d pass out for a good twelve hours.

God, he was bored.

He missed Ash’s smartassery.

But he was thrilled with the appearance of Jarod the Gorgeous. He hoped his BFF let Jarod into her life. The man obviously cared about her, even if he’d resurrected the Convocation. Ash in love. Nor grinned. Bet his little soul shifter didn’t see that coming.

The office felt stuffy, even in the early morning hours without the sun beating down on those stupid enough to live in a desert. Nor propped open the door with a banker’s box filled with paperwork neither he nor Ash would file. They didn’t enjoy the mundane tasks that came with operating a business, so they both ignored it all.

“I could probably absorb this information better if we could turn on the lights. And have the ability to make coffee.” He rubbed his temples. “Oh, electricity how I miss you!”

The sudden, massive presence had Nor pushing out of his chair. His heart hammering, he looked everywhere. He couldn’t see anyone, not even with his lycan vision. His stomach curdled as the smell of sulfur infiltrated the entire office.

Demon. Cold fear rushed over him. Intending to speed dial Ash, he grabbed his phone, but it was yanked from his grasp and thrown against the wall. The phone shattered.

The demon appeared. The creature was the size of Mack truck. His large eyes were red, and his bumpy skin was black. Rows of sharp teeth filled his evilly grinning mouth. “Give me the vessel.”

Nor looked down at the lion body on the desk and grabbed it. He took off toward the break room, thinking maybe he could barricade it and then escape out the window. Going out the front was not an option. Nor burst through the door, but he barely got inside before the demon caught him. He scooped the lion out of Nor’s grip and backed the shifter against the wall.

Nor growled and started shifting. Getting into his wolf form would up his chances of survival.

The demon laughed, and slapped a cold, scaly palm against the werewolf’s neck. The shift instantly reversed, turning Nor into his more vulnerable human self. Burning pain seared his flesh, and he cried out. The demon got in his face and bared its teeth. “Tell Ash that Lilith says hello.”


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