Wedding Bouquets and Flowers by Jill Woodall

Wedding Bouquets and Flowers by Jill Woodall

Author:Jill Woodall
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781785002717
Publisher: Crowood

Tape measure


Cold glue


Flower scissors

2 magnets for method 2


Materials for a pocket posy.

Measuring the pocket.

The knife shows where to score the card, and the scissors where to cut the card.

Cut the leaf to the size of the flap.

Cut out a section of leaf.

Gluing the flowers.

Inserting the finished posy into the pocket.

Measure across the top pocket. Measure, mark out and cut the card to size following the dotted line so it will fit into the depth of the pocket with extra for the flap over the top, orange scissors. With the yellow knife score into the card along the continuous line, but do not sever completely.

Wipe the leaf clean, place onto the flap and glue into position.

Very carefully cut around the edge of the glued leaf.

Work out a pattern or position for the plant material before gluing. When you are happy with the design start gluing one piece at a time, until the pocket posy is complete.

Make sure all the glue is dry and cleaned away from the card before bending over the flap and inserting into the pocket.



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