Time To Go by Time To Go (epub)

Time To Go by Time To Go (epub)

Author:Time To Go (epub)
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Canelo Books
Published: 2019-08-28T00:00:00+00:00


The student’s name was Tom Haslam. Back at the house, he led them into the hallway Caelan had already seen through the letter box, and through into the kitchen. It was clean and tidy, the furnishing basic but functional. Caelan looked around.

‘No huge piles of washing-up? Are you sure you’re students?’

She was trying to put Haslam at ease, but when he didn’t reply, she wondered if he’d felt patronised. Eventually he smiled. ‘We’re grown-up students. The place I lived as an undergraduate was a hovel compared to this. Tea?’

They both accepted and Haslam busied himself with kettle and cups. When his back was turned, Ewan sidled closer to Caelan, as though he was going to whisper a question. She guessed it was going to be about Jolene, but she had no answers to give. Gently she pushed him away.

‘Not here,’ she mouthed.

He held up his hands in apology, and she smiled at him as Haslam turned back, holding out mugs of strong tea.

The living room had the same feel as the kitchen – beige carpet, magnolia walls, IKEA furnishings. Haslam gestured towards the sofa and settled in one of the two armchairs, cradling his tea against his chest. He met Caelan’s eyes.

‘I’m told you’re Lucy’s cousin? I suppose I should have asked for some ID.’ His hand went to his beard as he realised he had invited two strangers into his home.

‘Maybe, but I’m not sure how I could prove I’m related.’ Caelan smiled at him. ‘I haven’t brought my family tree.’

‘I don’t remember her mentioning you.’ His expression wasn’t hostile, but Caelan knew she’d have to work to get him to trust her. She decided to be as honest as possible.

‘We’ve never actually met. I know her brother James, but not Lucy.’

Haslam stiffened. ‘Why are you here then?’

‘James wants to know where Lucy is, but he was injured recently. I said I’d come here instead, see what I could find out.’ Caelan held his gaze. ‘I’m worried.’

‘Injured?’ Haslam scoffed. ‘Shot because he’s a dodgy drug-dealing bastard, don’t you mean? Does that mean you’re a criminal too?’

Ewan shifted in his seat and Haslam gave him a wary glance.

‘No, it means Lucy’s family and I want to find her,’ Caelan said.

‘Yeah, well it’s a little late for James to be concerned about her now.’

The bitterness in his voice surprised Caelan, and she hesitated. ‘What do you mean?’

‘Lucy told me about him one night. He’d sent her a text asking how she was, wanting to know if they could meet. She said she didn’t want to see him, and I wondered why.’ He snorted. ‘Do you know Lucy’s area of study?’

‘Something about criminals and computers?’ Caelan was deliberately vague, assuming a confused expression as if it was all too complicated for her.

Haslam nodded. ‘Close enough. You can understand why she wanted to keep her distance.’

Caelan realised she would have to change her approach. Haslam was telling them nothing new.

‘Were you around the day Lucy disappeared?’ she asked.

Haslam’s eyebrows went up.

‘No. I missed her in the morning because I had to get to the library.


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