Some Girls Do by Jennifer Dugan

Some Girls Do by Jennifer Dugan

Author:Jennifer Dugan [Dugan, Jennifer]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Penguin Young Readers Group
Published: 2021-05-18T00:00:00+00:00

* * *

• • •

Granted, I’ve never been to a house party before, but I thought I had a pretty low bar for being impressed. Now that I’m here, I realize it should have been even lower, like to the basement floor. It’s super crowded as we push through the house to the kitchen, Allie leading the way, laughing and shouting, “It’s beer time, bitches!”

The music thumps hard enough to make the walls rattle, and everything’s sticky and smells like sweat and stale beer. I have never wanted to be someplace less—and that’s before I notice Ruby grinding against a bunch of the lacrosse guys.

Okay, scratch everything I thought in the car. I’m out.

I turn to leave, but Allie stops me, two beers in her hands. She gives me one and raises the other one in the air, dancing into the middle of the living room to a chorus of catcalls. Charming place, really, this house full of dumb boys.

Lydia comes up beside me then with her own cup, raising an eyebrow at our dancing friend. “Allie eats this shit up,” she says, taking a hefty swig of beer. I follow suit, trying not to cough when the warm, foamy liquid hits the back of my throat.

“Is it always this gross?” I shift my weight to unstick my feet from the floor, not entirely sure if I’m talking about the beer or literally everything else.

Lydia nods, downing the rest of her beer in a gulp while watching Allie in the crowd, her jaw slightly tense, head tilted . . . and a longing in her eyes that nearly matches mine.

“Holy shit, Lydia, do you like—”

“I’m going to get more beer.” She cuts me off with a look that says Drop it before disappearing into the crowd.

Interesting. Maybe I’m not the only queer girl with a hopeless crush tonight.

Anika and Drew are off in the corner, and as soon we notice one another, they start beckoning me over. I’m moving through the crowd, getting jostled here and there. When I’m almost to them, I do a little half wave thing in greeting at the exact moment some kid steps back, sending what’s left of my beer sloshing all over us both.

“What the hell!” he shouts, turning around like he intends to maul me . . . which is the exact second a hand wraps around my waist and pulls me backward.

“Sorry, Travis,” Ruby calls over her shoulder, leading us away. “She didn’t mean it.”

The kid, Travis, apparently, shakes his head, picking at his beer-soaked shirt and wringing it out.

“You came!” Ruby shouts over the din of the music, pulling me to the opposite corner of the dance floor. I can tell right away she’s drunk, but I try to ignore it because she looks so legitimately happy to see me. I glance over at Anika and Drew, who give me twin puzzled expressions, and mouth a quick apology.

“I guess I was bored,” I shout back, and the song switches, the beat throbbing against the dance floor.


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