The Vampire War by Michelle Madow

The Vampire War by Michelle Madow

Author:Michelle Madow [Madow, Michelle]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Dreamscape Publishing
Published: 2017-12-21T16:00:00+00:00


My breath caught at the realization that he’d smelled Daisy. The wolves’ sense of smell wasn’t as heightened in human form—I’d been hoping they wouldn’t be able to tell her scent from mine.

“You smell me.” I rolled my eyes, as if he were being ridiculous. “Or am I already so accepted into the pack that you’ve forgotten I’m a vampire?”

He eyed up the bed and kneeled down, sniffing near the bottom of it. “It’s not you I smell,” he said, and then he reached for the bed skirt, pulling it up. “It’s her.”

He and the wolf next to him reached under the bed and dragged out Daisy, each of them holding onto one of her arms. She was kicking and screaming, and she looked at me with wild, terrified eyes. She didn’t have to speak for me to know what she was thinking.

How could you have betrayed your own kind?

One of the other wolves broke the rod holding up the canopied bed and shoved the makeshift stake through Daisy’s heart.

She dropped to the floor, dead.

“You knew she was there.” The wolf that had killed Daisy glared at me while pointing at her corpse. “You betrayed us.”

I opened my mouth to speak, but no words came.

“Karina didn’t betray us.” Noah stepped in front of me and held his arms out, protecting me. “She let me know the girl was hiding there before you all came up. That girl was the informant who’d told us the whereabouts of Prince Scott and Princess Stephenie. She’d been compelled to stay there and say nothing until we returned to take care of her.” He glanced at Daisy’s corpse in irritation. “Which would have been much quieter than the ruckus you caused just now. Were you trying to let every vampire in the palace know we’re here?”

I stepped up to Noah’s side and gave him a single nod, hoping he could see the gratefulness in my eyes. Then I turned to the men. “As it is now, we have no time to waste,” I said, quickly jumping back into the role of leader of the pack. “Once we reach the throne room, wait for my command to kill the prince and princess. As royal vampires, they deserve to know what they’re dying for.”

A few of the wolves mumbled words that I didn’t quite pick up.

“Did you all hear the princess?” Noah asked, glaring at them.

“Yes.” They stood at attention when their First Prophet spoke.

“Will you do as she requests?”

“Yes,” they said, although many didn’t look happy to say it.

“Good.” I tried to ignore the sinking feeling in my gut that after this war was over, I might never be able to live with myself. “Shift—now. I’ll lead you to the throne room.”

The wolves did as I commanded, and I took one last regretful look at Daisy’s still body before flinging open the doors and sprinting down the hall.


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