The Right Note by D. A. Graham

The Right Note by D. A. Graham

Author:D. A. Graham
Language: eng
Format: epub
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“You could have done something.” Casey glowers at me and Lark during practice the next morning. “You could have talked to Ryan or Asher—asked them to give us an easier song. You could have saved Delia.”

The cameras zoom in on our faces to catch our reactions. With Cassandra currently out of the room, I decide to roll my eyes. “The competition doesn’t work that way,” I say. “Ryan and I are on different teams now—I couldn’t ask him to do something like that even if I wanted to, and you know it. And besides, Ryan and I made a promise we wouldn’t go easy on each other.”

“Asher said he’d only help me if he gets something out of it too,” Lark says.

“Some friends you are,” Casey mutters, sniffling. Her makeup is a bit runny today.

With that, whatever sense of being a band we had before is gone. Casey spends the next few team practices getting in our way. She butts in and sings over me and Lark. She stands in front of us when we rehearse performances. She demands Cassandra make her the lead vocalist, muttering that she’s clearly the most passionate of us all.

Passionate or not, she doesn’t sync up with me and Lark at all. We go through another three elimination rounds, and our band always falls in second or third place. During the performances, Lark and I harmonize and play off each other’s voices. But Casey yells into the microphone and slams her bass. It’s a clashing wreck. Even Cassandra winces. Every round, we’re inches away from another of us getting sent home.

On top of that, there’s nothing we can do to beat Ryan’s team. With their incredible voices and dynamic dancing, they sweep the audience off their feet and win challenge after challenge.

After every elimination round, the producers interview each of the remaining competitors. In his interviews, Ryan brags about how much better than me he is. He lists off the instruments he can play, and when he shifts to me he claims I only play the guitar, ignoring that I sing too. In another interview, he points out it was his idea to audition for The Right Note. I’m sure the editors show this clip with the moment where Cassandra told me to be more passionate, so I end up looking like I don’t care as much as Ryan does. When Tix asks if Ryan wants me to get eliminated, Ryan shrugs and says, “I’m here to win. If I have to beat Eve, I will.”

In my own interviews, when the producers push me to criticize Ryan, I just tell them I want to talk about my own singing. “I’ve improved a lot since coming onto the show,” I say. “I’m really proud of that.”

With these interviews and the elimination rounds happening every three days and no time to rest in between because of vocal training and rehearsals, I feel myself burning out. I drag myself out of bed every morning and perform on autopilot.


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