The Oxford Handbook of Universal Grammar by Ian Roberts

The Oxford Handbook of Universal Grammar by Ian Roberts

Author:Ian Roberts
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Published: 2017-07-15T00:00:00+00:00


Notice how this hierarchy derives the four traditionally recognized morphological types (Sapir 1921). It also connects analyticity and head-initiality on the one hand, and agglutination and head-finality on the other (see also Julien 2002 on the latter).

Gianollo, Guardiano, and Longobardi (2008, see chapter 16) developed the Roberts and Roussou approach¸ and, as we have seen, introduced the very important idea that the parameters are not primitives of UG, but created by the hierarchies (‘schemata’ in their terminology). Roberts and Holmberg (2010) proposed two distinct hierarchies for word order and null argument phenomena, and Roberts (2012) and Biberauer, Holmberg, Roberts, and Sheehan (2014) proposed three more, dealing with word structure (polysynthesis/analyticity and microparametric options in between giving various kinds of fusional systems), A′-movement (wh-movement, scrambling, topicalization, and focalization), and alignment. In connection with the last of these, Sheehan (2014, to appear) has developed several hierarchies relating to ergativity, causatives, and ditransitives, and Sheehan and Roberts (2015) have developed a hierarchy for passives. Each of this last class of hierarchies has the general form in (67):


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