THE NEW REPUBLIC OF TEXAS 2 (In The As The Light Dies World) by David Saylor & Boyd Craven Jr

THE NEW REPUBLIC OF TEXAS 2 (In The As The Light Dies World) by David Saylor & Boyd Craven Jr

Author:David Saylor & Boyd Craven Jr. [Saylor, David & Craven, Boyd Jr.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Raventhorne Books
Published: 2024-02-02T00:00:00+00:00

Chapter 12

Hector and Raul - Mexico

While Hector and Raul were still not being given totally free rein, the others had been less watchful, and their babysitters had relaxed their observations.

“Let’s go for a walk, Raul.” Hector nodded towards the side of the hacienda. “Have you found anything out?”

“I overheard a couple of the guards talking with Manuel, they didn’t know I was just around the corner. They were talking about the Chinese colonel, Chin. It appears that he was here before the CME, talking to the Mexican government about the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ that they had been using in Africa. Apparently they were going to expand it into Central and South America, as well as Mexico. I don’t think Mexico allowing the Chinese to build bases on our southern border would have gone over well. Even that idiot of a president and his cronies couldn’t have withstood the fallout from the voters over that. It would have been a great way to get impeached, even though everyone knows that the Chinese own them,” Raul told Hector.

“Man, talk about a firestorm. That could have started World War Three. At the least it would have decimated Washington. I doubt if the president’s party would have ever recovered if they hadn’t fought that.”

“That’s where all the Chinese weapons came from. Apparently freighters from China arrived with a bunch of military equipment and so-called ‘advisors’ to train Mexican troops on them. Guess it’s a shame that a lot of it no longer works. Can you imagine if they had state-of-the-art SAM missiles and tanks available? As it is, there seems to be quite enough equipment to go around, especially old armor. There’s something else in the works though, not sure exactly what, but it’s big. They also talked about some battle in Texas. They didn’t say much, but apparently it didn’t go over well,” Raul told Hector.

“We have got to find out that information. If it’s that big, it could be critical to get it back to the general. Does anyone else know much? Because I’m striking out, brother.”

“Not that I know of. Little bits and pieces, but nothing significant.”

“Well, then Manuel is going to be the key. But how we get it out of him is the problem.”

“Maybe kidnap him?” Raul suggested. “Just take him, get him to the car, and arrange a pickup somewhere from Boca?”

Hector thought for a moment. “Hmmm, maybe see if we can arrange a pickup at the dental office where we hid the car. Once Manuel and the two of us disappear, we will have every member of the Zeta cartel after us. We probably wouldn’t make it twenty miles. Remember, they own this whole area up to the border, we’d never be able to drive it, especially since there is so little traffic on the roads now. We sure couldn’t blend in.”

“How about we grab him, one of us go get the car and the radio, and then we head back to the hideout. It’s a little less than 300 miles from Boca to Monterrey, Mexico.


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