The Art of Knitting by Inc. Dover Publications

The Art of Knitting by Inc. Dover Publications

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No. 1.—In making this sweater for a man whose chest measure is 36 inches, a pound and a-half of eight-fold Midnight Germantown wool (white) will be needed; also 3 bone or rubber knitting needles, each measuring half an inch around. Two steel needles, No. 12, will also be necessary in knitting the collar, wrists and border.

The body portion is knitted all in one piece and sewed up under the arms There is no opening except at the neck, which is made large enough to slip the head through.

To make the sweater illustrated, begin by casting 96 stitches onto one of the steel needles for the lower edge. In making a larger or smaller sweater, add or decrease 5 stitches for every inch (chest measure), larger or smaller.

First row.—Knit 2, purl 2, across the row.

Second row.—Work back, knitting the purled stitches and purling the knitted ones to keep the pattern.

Third row.—Reverse the pattern so that the knitted stitches will come over the purled ones, and the purled stitches over the knitted ones. This will form the familiar block or basket pattern. Continue these details until the work is 9 blocks or 18 rows deep. This will form a tight, firm border.

Nineteenth row.—Now use the rubber needles and knit in rib style (knit 1, purl 1) for 157 rows.

In the next (158th row) rib 33 stitches for the right shoulder; then bind off 30 for the neck, and on a third needle rib the remaining 33 stitches for the left shoulder. Rib 3 rows on each shoulder; then on the right-hand needle cast 30 stitches to correspond with those bound off for the neck.

Now put all the stitches onto one needle and continue to rib 157 rows for the other side of the sweater.

Then take the steel needles (in the 158th row of this side) and knit 9 blocks for the border to match those first knitted.

Next sew up the sides, over-and-over, for 20 inches, beginning at the lower edges of the sweater.

To make the Sleeves.—For each take up 100 stitches around the arm-hole, using 2 needles and placing 50 stitches on each. The seam of the sleeve must come under the arm. Then rib back and forth for 15 rows.

Sixteenth row.—Put the stitches all onto one needle, and knit as before, narrowing one stitch at each end of the needle in every following fifth row, until you have narrowed 13 times, and the sleeve is 80 rows in length. Then narrow in every other row until the sleeve is 115 rows long.

Now take the steel needles and knit until there are 12 blocks of the border pattern (or 24 rows). Bind off, and sew up the sleeve.

To make and attach the Collar.—The collar is the most important part of the garment, so far as construction is concerned. It must be large enough to slip over the head and yet snugly fit the neck. Use the large needles. Cast on 30 stitches


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