Table Tennis Tips by Hodges Larry

Table Tennis Tips by Hodges Larry

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It lowers your center of gravity. This increases your leverage in movement, giving you a quicker start.

The bent knees give you a quicker start. If your knees are straight, you’ll have to bend them before you can move.

The wider stance gives you stability and balance during rallies. It’s hard to play effectively if you are off balance. Players who stand up too straight tend to make up for this by reaching for the ball instead of moving to it, leading to awkward and inconsistent shots.

The wider and lower stance increases power. The extra power comes from a greater weight exchange as you rotate about from a wider stance (especially on forehand shots), and from the extra power from the legs from staying low, allowing you to push off into your shots.

Quicker recovery. This comes because the wider and lower stance allows better balance. Players who stand up too straight will go off balance after a fast movement or powerful shot, and will be slower in recovering, especially on the forehand.

It makes your shots more natural. If you stand up straight, your natural stroking movement will be up, but your target is ahead of you. Staying low gives you a more natural shot in the direction of the far side of the table, and allows you to more easily put your body weight into it. It might not be natural at first, but it will once you get used to it.

It makes it easier to loop heavy backspin with power. While standing up straight gives you a natural lifting stroke, it doesn’t give much power for great topspin and speed. For that, you need to use your legs, and to use your legs you have to get down with the knees at least slightly bent.


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