Sustainable Use of Wood in Construction by Coulson Jim

Sustainable Use of Wood in Construction by Coulson Jim

Author:Coulson, Jim [Coulson, Jim]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781118539644
Publisher: Wiley
Published: 2014-08-20T00:00:00+00:00

4.14.3 CITES III

This list is, in effect, a ‘CITES II list in waiting’. It contains species which are protected in at least one country: and those particular countries, that now wish to extend its protection in the wider world, have asked other signatory countries to CITES to help with limiting the trade in those named species. But such limitations are voluntary and cannot be legally enforced by any outside agencies (or even by CITES itself), if any other trading country does not wish to limit the trade in its own ‘home-grown supply’ of those actual species. A good example of this is ebony, which is currently on the CITES III list, having been put there by Madagascar; but which is not yet ‘banned’ by any other African state. (But I should at least report that there are strong moves afoot, as I write this, to have ebony moved up to the CITES II list, so the situation may well have consolidated by the time this book hits the shelves).


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