Success Stories in Asian Aquaculture by Sena S. Silva & F. Brian Davy

Success Stories in Asian Aquaculture by Sena S. Silva & F. Brian Davy

Author:Sena S. Silva & F. Brian Davy
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Springer Netherlands, Dordrecht

The inland fishery of Sri Lanka has been essentially a capture fishery from perennial reservoirs (major and medium-scale irrigation reservoirs; Table 6.1). However, most small-sized (<100 ha) minor irrigation reservoirs in the country dry up for 2–3 months of the year, but can be utilized for the development of culture-based fisheries (CBF). This is essentially a fisheries enhancement strategy (Lorenzen et al. 2001; De Silva 2003) through the stocking of individuals, a practice frequently used by fisheries owners, managers, and scientists throughout the world (Cowx 1994). Although fishery enhancement has received much attention, CBF have not received its due attention, in spite of its potential to contribute significantly to fish production and also in view of its potential impacts on the rural poor in most of the developing nations (De Silva 2003). Table 6.1The estimated surface area of lentic water bodies of Sri Lanka


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