Stand Up and Garden by Mary Moss-Sprague

Stand Up and Garden by Mary Moss-Sprague

Author:Mary Moss-Sprague
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Countryman Press
Published: 2012-03-18T16:00:00+00:00

Laying Out Your Drip System

You may do whatever you please in laying out your garden, choosing exactly where you set your containers, trellises, raised beds, etc. Having said that, if you think you might want to try using micro-drip irrigation, I do suggest that you place your containers in rows appropriately spaced for plant growth. I usually have four long rows of plants in my main large-container grouping. They are organized by type of plant—i.e., all of the tomatoes are grouped together with the approximately same amount of spacing per plant. This makes it easy to configure the micro tubing, barbs, and emitters to serve plants in pairs if desired. (See fig. 7.3.)

In addition to all of my large containers, my garden has four trellises with the dishpans beneath them, and three of the big raised beds. All of these structures sit atop a commercial weed barrier to make for clean, easy installation and maintenance—to say nothing of eliminating unwanted weeds and grass.


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