Single and Ready to Mingle: Gods principles for relating, dating & mating by Savchuk Vladimir

Single and Ready to Mingle: Gods principles for relating, dating & mating by Savchuk Vladimir

Author:Savchuk, Vladimir [Savchuk, Vladimir]
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Published: 2019-06-29T16:00:00+00:00

The clock factor addresses whether or not the timing is right for a person to be in a relationship. Timing is everything. If you pick an apple before it’s ripe it will be sour. The same apple, just a few months later, will be sweet. Timing makes a big difference.

Whenever I’m asked whether it is the right time for a person to start dating, my answer is usually the same. If marriage is not an option for you right now, then dating is also not an option for right now. To clarify, if you think you’ll be ready for marriage in one year from now, that means it’s still not the right time for you to date. Once you are ready for marriage then you are ready for dating. Otherwise dating will lead to fornicating. Some say, “I am not ready for marriage but I want to date because I am lonely.” Don’t use someone’s heart to fix your loneliness. If you are lonely, get a dog, pick up a hobby, join a small group, sign up for a gym, develop a prayer life, get yourself some friends, but please don’t get someone’s heart involved just because you are an emotional wreck. Dating is not just for fun, it’s for marriage.

Here’s one more piece of advice. I would highly recommend not to start dating until you have gotten over your ex. If you were in a relationship and it did not work out, it’s important to kill that relationship without hurting the person. Kill the horse, not the rider. There is a period of confusion, hurt, and even pain that people go through after a break-up. The temptation of the devil is to go into another relationship quickly, as a Band-Aid for the hurt from your previous relationship. That mistake can be detrimental to your future. I recommend waiting 8-12 months after a break up before you pursue the idea of dating again. That time should be taken to reflect, receive counseling, perhaps even deliverance and inner healing. Just because the relationship is over does not mean you are over it. When a violin stops playing, it doesn’t mean the strings automatically detach.

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2. Christ Factor

Red Flag: The person you like believes in God, but does not follow Christ .


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