Shadow Cursed (Shadow Falls Series Book 2) by Lizzy Prince

Shadow Cursed (Shadow Falls Series Book 2) by Lizzy Prince

Author:Lizzy Prince [Prince, Lizzy]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2020-05-12T05:00:00+00:00

Chapter Seventeen


Silas threatened to come to my shop with me, but I managed to get him to go home. Now that I know he’s Alpha of his pack and has other responsibilities, I feel bad that he’s been neglecting all his other duties. The thought that I might be a duty to him bangs around inside my chest, and I chew on the corner of my mouth as I try to decorate a wedding cake. I really should do something else while my mind is so distracted. I’m either going to ruin the cake and be forced to start all over—which I don’t have the time for—or Angela and Freddy are going to end up with a lopsided cake at their wedding. And I refuse to let that happen.

I huff out a breath and set down my icing bag, deciding I’m going to make a pie while my brain is all foggy. Hopefully by the time I’m done, I’ll be in better shape. There’s a huge bushel of apples one of the local orchards dropped off just this morning, and I get to work peeling them.

Millie is out in front and hasn’t called back for help yet, so we must not be that busy. Which isn’t unusual. Typically, after the morning rush, things are fairly quiet until lunchtime when people stop in for a coffee and some sugar to get through the afternoon drag. The quiet allows me to focus on my pie, shutting out the word around me and the constant assault of thoughts pinging around in my head. It’s a mess up there. Silas cares about me. He didn’t just walk away from me. He was cursed. Good lord. Cursed. How is that even a real thing? How are wolves and vampires my new reality? It’s a miracle my head hasn’t exploded.

By the time I finish with my pie, it’s almost time to close up for the day. Millie deserves a raise because she let me stew and brood all day. I clean up the kitchen and head out front, where Millie is making sure everything is put away for the night.

“Oh, hey, stranger. I wasn’t sure if you’d walked out the back door or were still here.” Millie gives me a knowing stare.

“Sorry, they day got away from me. I didn’t realize how late it had gotten. I’ll finish closing up. You can take off.” I grab her coat off the hook behind the counter and hand it to her, taking the towel she’s holding from her hands in exchange.

“I can stay and help you close up,” she scolds me, but I just usher her toward the front.

“Nope. I’m mopey and horrible company. Let me brood alone while I clean,” I try to joke, but I’m sure some truth leaks into my words. Millie frowns at me as she shrugs on her coat, buttoning it all the way up to ward off the cold.

She pulls some gloves out of her pockets but pauses just before she pulls them on to look at me.


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