Scorched Treachery (Imdalind #3) by Ethington Rebecca

Scorched Treachery (Imdalind #3) by Ethington Rebecca

Author:Ethington, Rebecca [Ethington, Rebecca]
Language: eng
Format: epub, mobi
Publisher: Imdalind Press
Published: 2013-07-10T14:00:00+00:00

Chapter Sixteen

Thomas Král

The name on the paper was moving, but I knew it wasn’t the ink. It was because of the blood that was rushing to my head in my panic. My eyes couldn’t seem to focus.

Thom had been sighted, and Edmund would have me kill him.

The sound of hammers and horses washed over me as I stared at the name. The construction of Edmund’s new estate was progressing quickly after I had assisted Ilyan in burning down the last one. Why Edmund had chosen the American West as his new base, I still wasn’t clear on. I now spent more time traveling over oceans than anything else.

“Is there a problem, Wynifred?” I looked up to see Edmund jump down from the carriage we had just been sitting in, the dust from the ground kicking up around us as he landed.

“Nothing is wrong, sir,” I said, keeping my voice bored and defiant.

“Good,” Edmund sighed as he wrapped his arm around my waist to help me down, bringing his lips to rest against the hollow skin under my ear at the same time, “because I want his head.”

“His head?” I asked, moving myself away from him. “What would you want with that ugly thing?”

“Think of it as a trophy, Wynifred. Sometimes a man wants more than a heart.” He smiled and my insides froze at all that was said behind those eyes.

“Besides, I think it is about time you prove your loyalty to me.” Another smile. What did he know? “Find him and bring me his head before my child is born. That should give you about a month. And if this one is born with eyes the color of mud, you can do away with it and its mother as well. Sounds like a full month for you.”

He moved away from me and strode toward the new house before I could move at all, which was probably a good thing. The desire to kill him right there was too strong, but Ilyan had warned me not to take him on. I don’t know what reason he had for doing so, but I was more likely to trust him than Edmund at this point.

After three hundred years of espionage, I had seen more than my fair share of bad and had even developed what some may call a conscious.

“Where is my brother?” I asked one of Edmund’s goons that was standing around, surprised my brother wasn’t here to follow him around like usual.

“Try the bar,” he said, before shouldering me out of the way. My jaw dropped as I watched him go, my fingers buzzing with energy and a need to teach him a lesson.

No one dared treat me that way, not unless they wished for death. I would have asked what I was missing, but I already knew.

I strolled away from the construction site, my skin prickling with energy as the dirt seeped through my shoes and heavy stockings.

I didn’t look back. I didn’t dare. I walked right to the


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