Quidditch Through the Ages by J.K. Rowling

Quidditch Through the Ages by J.K. Rowling

Author:J.K. Rowling
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Tags: Reference Quality Electronic Book Version of the American Scholastic Hard Cover, The book traces the history of Quidditch; as well as the earliest broom-based games. According to Madam Pince; the copy in the Hogwarts library is "pawed about; dribbled on; and generally maltreated" nearly every day; which Albus Dumbledore says is high praise for any book.
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The Chasers

Chaser is the oldest position in Quidditch, for the game

once consisted wholly of goal-scoring. The Chasers throw

the Quaffle to each other and score ten points for every

time they get it through one of the goal hoops.

The only significant change in Chasing came about in

1884, one year after the substitution of goal hoops for

goal baskets. A new rule was introduced which stated that

only the Chaser carrying the Quaffle could enter the

scoring area. If more than one Chaser entered, the goal

would be disallowed. The rule was designed to outlaw

“stooging” (see “Fouls” below), a move by which two

Chasers would enter the scoring area and ram the Keeper

aside, leaving a goal hoop clear for the third Chaser.

Reaction to this new rule was reported in the Daily

Prophet of the time.


Our Chasers



That was the stunned reaction of Quidditch

fans across Britain last night when the so-

called “Stooging Penalty” was announced by

the Department of Magical Games and

Sports last night.

“Instances of stooging have been on the

increase,” said a harassed-looking Depart-

mental representative last night. “We feel

that this new rule will eliminate the severe

Keeper injuries we have been seeing only

too often. From now on, one Chaser will

attempt to beat the Keeper, as opposed to

three Chasers beating the Keeper up.

Everything will be much cleaner and fairer.”

At this point the Departmental rep-

resentative was forced to retreat as the

angry crowd started to bombard him with

Quaffles. Wizards from the Department of

Magical Law Enforcement arrived to

disperse the crowd, who were threatening to

stooge the Minister of Magic himself.

One freckle-faced six-year-old left the

hall in tears.

“I loved stooging,” he sobbed to the Daily

Prophet. “Me and me dad like watching

them Keepers flattened. I don’t want to go

to Quidditch no more.”

Daily Prophet, 22 June 1884

The Seeker

Usually the lightest and fastest fliers, Seekers need both a sharp eye and the ability to fly one- or no-handed. Given

their immense importance in the overall outcome of the


match, for the capture of the Snitch so often snatches

victory from the jaws of defeat, Seekers are most likely to be fouled by members of the opposition. Indeed, while

there is considerable glamour attached to the position of

Seeker, for they are traditionally the best fliers on the

pitch, they are usually the players who receive the worst

injuries. “Take out the Seeker” is the first rule in Brutus Scrimgeour’s The Beaters’ Bible.


The following rules were set down by the Department of

Magical Games and Sports upon its formation in 1750:

1. Though there is no limit imposed on the height to

which a player may rise during the game, he or she must

not stray over the boundary lines of the pitch. Should a

player fly over the boundary, his or her team must

surrender the Quaffle to the opposing team.

2. The Captain of a team may call for “time out” by

signalling to the referee. This is the only time players’ feet are allowed to touch the ground during a match. Time out

may be extended to a two-hour period if a game has lasted

more than twelve hours. Failure to return to the pitch

after two hours leads to the team’s disqualification.

3. The referee may award penalties against a team.


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