Parisian Charm School by Jamie Cat Callan

Parisian Charm School by Jamie Cat Callan

Author:Jamie Cat Callan
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Fiction
ISBN: 9781743772812
Publisher: Penguin Random House Australia

Secrecy. Yes, there was the routine of hiding behind the door, but more than this, Madame M. never let me see the mysterious private rooms of her house, where she apparently had thousands of books.

Surprise. She had a way of hiding behind the door and then suddenly peeking out, as well as the messages on the Yogi Tea.

Sound. Her voice was a musical instrument and a delight to the ears.

Smile. She used her smile to wonderful effect. Sometimes she would withhold her smile and even pretend to be quite strict. At other times, she would slay me with her sweet smile.


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