Origami Art by Michael G. Lafosse & Richard L. Alexander

Origami Art by Michael G. Lafosse & Richard L. Alexander

Author:Michael G. Lafosse & Richard L. Alexander
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 978-4-8053-0998-8
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

The best results are achieved in the air, away from the surface of the table.

Adding Methyl Cellulose While Folding

We have described using methyl cellulose paste to bond two or more sheets of paper together (see Back Coating). We also use methyl cellulose to moisten specific areas of a model as we complete the folding process through the final shaping phase. Here are a few hints and tips that you might find helpful.

We sometimes add methyl cellulose at the final stages to impart a size, or stiffener to the narrow appendages, such as to legs or antennae, restraining those in exactly the desired position as they dry fully. Think of it as a type of hair styling gel, many of which contain methyl cellulose!


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