Native Trees of the Midwest by Sally S. Weeks

Native Trees of the Midwest by Sally S. Weeks

Author:Sally S. Weeks
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781557535726
Publisher: Purdue University Press

Leaves are thick and leathery and have a single bristle tip at the end. The margins are entire, which is unusual for a northern oak. They are dark green, shiny, and lightly hairy above, paler and lightly hairy beneath. It commonly retains its leaves through the winter, a trait known as marcescence.

Flowers appear in April and May with the leaves. Male flowers (left) hang downward in clusters; the inconspicuous females (right) are in tiny spikes in the axils of the new leaves.

Fruit is small, about ½ inch long, dark brown, and often striped before maturity. About ⅓ of the nut is enclosed by a thin cap. Fruit ripens in the fall.


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