Kinesic Magic by Donald Tyson

Kinesic Magic by Donald Tyson

Author:Donald Tyson
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: kinesic magic;kinesic magick;donald tyson;magic book;magick book;occult;occult books;magic through posture;magical techniques;magical rituals;magical gestures
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
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IN KINESIC MAGIC, THE SEVEN PLANETS of traditional astrology are represented by hand gestures. This eliminates the need for instruments, substances, charms, and inscribed sigils associated with the planets. These things can still be used, but once a link has been formed between a hand gesture and the planet it represents, simply by making the hand gesture of a planet alone, the mind is aligned with the occult potential of that planet.

In combination with the twenty-four postures, these hand gestures invoke, manipulate, and banish the energies of the seven planets. With them you can more easily infuse your body with these energies, concentrate planetary energies into objects and places, or project these energies into other people.

Those who are afflicted with an excess of one planetary energy can be brought to a state of internal harmony by withdrawing a portion of that energy from their body or by infusing them with the planetary energy of the opposite planet. For example, if a person is afflicted with an excess of Mars to the extent that he has fits of violent rage and commits reckless actions, he may be harmonized by withdrawing a portion of the Mars energy from his brow-center using the Mars hand gesture, or by infusing into his throat-center the energy of the opposite of Mars, gentle and loving Venus.

Conversely, if a person is suffering from a deficiency of a planetary energy, that energy can be projected into the body center of that planet in order to restore a more healthy overall balance to the body. For example, if someone is timid and fearful, it may be useful to load their brow-center with the energy of Mars.

It might be argued that this treats only the symptoms of the disorder and does not address the root of the problem that created the energy imbalance. This is true, but through regular therapy sessions to balance the body centers, the body and mind of an individual can be trained to accept a balanced planetary state as normal, and to seek to recreate it when it is absent.

All of the planets have their natural opposites, with the exception of Mercury, which is balanced within itself. The Moon is opposite to the Sun, Venus is opposite to Mars, and Saturn is opposite to Jupiter. When necessary, an excess of the energy of Mercury can be countered by the concentrated energy of elemental Earth. The energies of Mercury and Earth are not perfect opposites, but they have contrary tendencies.

By using the balancing posture, it is possible to equalize the energies between pairs of opposite planets in your own body or in the body of another person. You can also use this posture to add the energy of any planetary center to any other planetary center. For example, by forming your receptive left hand in the gesture of Mars and pressing it to your forehead, over your brow-center, and by forming your projective right hand in the gesture of Saturn and pressing it to your


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